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RightTemp FAQs

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Can I output data?

Yes, you can have one analog output or output all parameters digitally.

How can I upload data to my computer from the PhysioSuite, CODA Monitor or SomnoSuite?

Click here to download our guide to uploading your data ›

Interested in a complete physiological monitoring set-up?

Your physiological monitoring set-up is dependent on your research protocol. To help you identify what you will need, please fill out our Sales Support form.

Is the PhysioSuite compatible with my stereotaxic system?

Yes, the PhysioSuite is compatible with stereotaxic systems. Please contact Kent Scientific with the model of your Stereotaxic Gas Anesthesia Mask, and we will be happy to provide compatible tubing for you.

What can I use to clean the warming pads?

They can be cleaned using a germicidal or antiseptic soap with warm water. It is recommended that you use a surgical sheet or some other layer between the pad and the animal. This helps to maintain a sterile environment (if necessary) and also aids in the clean-up after the procedure. Because the pads use far infrared heat, there is no concern about the additional layer inhibiting the animal from being warmed properly.

What material are the warming pads?

The pads are made of water-resistant nylon and are flexible enough to wrap the animal if necessary.

Can I use the RET-2 or RET-3 Probes with the RightTemp?

No, the RET-2 and RET-3 temperature probes are not compatible with RightTemp.