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RoVent FAQs

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Can I output data?

Yes, you can have one analog output or output all parameters digitally.

Can the MouseSTAT settings be manually set?

Yes. You can choose from either a manual setting or allow the MouseSTAT to automatically set your respiratory rate and tidal volume.

To use the automatic setting, enter the animal's weight and press run.

To manually set-up the ventilator, adjust the settings within the configuration menu, see the User's Guide for additional details.

How does the RoVent operate in both constant volume and constant pressure modes?

The RoVent operates in either a constant pressure or a constant volume mode. When in the constant pressure mode it will report the tidal volume delivered. When in the constant volume mode it will report the airway pressure generated to deliver the volume and functions like a standard volume ventilator.

For animal safety the volume mode has both minimum and maximum pressure settings. Regardless of the volume delivered, a minimum airway pressure has to be attained so the animal will be ventilated at a minimal level. Also, regardless of the inspiratory volume, the airway pressure will not go over the maximum pressure setting, thereby protecting the animal from over ventilation. Minimum and maximum pressure are set by the user.

What can I use to clean the controller?

Standard lab disinfectants should be used to clean and disinfect the controller.

How can I upload data to my computer from the PhysioSuite, CODA Monitor or SomnoSuite?

Click here to download our guide to uploading your data ›

Can I connect an anesthesia mask to my PhysioSuite RoVent?

No, the PhysioSuite RoVent is not designed to ventilate animals using a nose cone. In order to use the PhysioSuite RoVent, the animal must be intubated or tracheotomized.

Interested in a complete physiological monitoring set-up?

Your physiological monitoring set-up is dependent on your research protocol. To help you identify what you will need, please fill out our Sales Support form.

What material are the warming pads?

The pads are made of water-resistant nylon and are flexible enough to wrap the animal if necessary.

Why do we recommend to intubate?

When using the PhysioSuite MouseSTAT, the animal must be intubated or tracheotomized. Nose cones and face masks are not compatible with the PhysioSuite MouseSTAT.