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Aeroneb® Lab Nebulizer

neb-1100 neb-1000

For use with the Aeroneb® Lab Control Module. Holds 10 mL.

  • Small particle size: VMD between 2.5 µm – 4.0 µm
  • Standard particle size: VMD between 4.0 µm – 6.0 µm

Note: Nebulizer and components are latex free.

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Specifications, Small:

Flow Rate: >0.1 ml/min
Particle Size: VMD between 2.5 µm – 4.0 µm
Residual Volume: <0.2 ml

Specifications, Standard:

Flow Rate: >0.3 ml/min
Particle Size: VMD between 4.0 µm – 6.0 µm
Residual Volume: <0.2 ml


  • Hello,

    We purchased the Aeroneb Lab Micro pump Nebulizer.
    Part No AG-AL1010
    Manufacturing no: 30-187 Rev D
    The unit contains (the nebulizer unit with filler cap, control module, and AC/DC adapter, ).

    The purpose of buying this device is to generate chemical aerosols from Liquid/solutions.

    These are my questions :
    1. I would need more guidance on how to use this device as there are not many samples of this particular on the web.
    2. How do we control the flow of the aerosol? Are there any other accessories for flow control?
    3. We also noticed when the aerosol is being generated and the tube is connected to the drying column. We expressed a lot of water condensed in the drying tube. Do you have any suggestions on how we can dry the droplet before being measured in the particle counter?
    4. What other accessories would you recommend for efficient use of the device, based on what we intend to do?

    Please feel free to contact me if you need more information

    Thank you

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