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What is the maximum temperature of the pad?

Approximately 45° C when positioned flat. Folding the sides over can increase the temperature around the pad significantly.

What is the footprint of a CODA 6 and 8 channel system?

W: 32.5"
H: 10.5"
D: 22"

Does the CODA Blood Pressure System work for both rats and mice?

Yes, the CODA accommodates both mice and rats.  CODA cuffs and animal holders are available for small mice from 8g to large rats over 500g.

How many animals can be monitored at one time using the CODA Blood Pressure System?

The CODA Monitor measures a single animal's blood pressure; the CODA High Throughput Systems are able to measure 2, 4, 6 or 8 animals simultaneously.  Up to 6 CODA HT8's can be combined to measure a total of 48 animals simultaneously.  

Does the CODA Blood Pressure System require additional software?

The CODA software controls CODA High-Throughput systems, and is designed to record and organize your blood pressure data.  The CODA software is also compatible with CODA Monitor, though it is not required.  

Can I sterilize the controller with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)?

Yes, the controller can be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide gas (or VHP). You may use the same sterilization protocol used for laptop computers and other electronics in your facility. Be sure to open any caps or ports to allow the gas to reach inner mechanisms and tubing, if applicable.