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CapnoScan FAQs

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Can I output data?

Yes, there are multiple options to record and manage data.  The system includes one analog output (for a single parameter), or you may export all parameters digitally via mini-USB. 

Is the PhysioSuite compatible with my stereotaxic system?

Yes, the PhysioSuite can be used alongside your stereotaxic frame.

What is the normal ETCO2 range for mice and rats?

The normal ETCO2 range in animals is 30 to 45mmHg or 4.0 to 5.5%. Sensor placement is an important factor in determining sidestream ETCO2. Place the sensor on the expiratory line, as close to the animal's airway as possible.

Can I sterilize the controller with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)?

Yes, the controller can be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide gas (or VHP). You may use the same sterilization protocol used for laptop computers and other electronics in your facility. Be sure to open any caps or ports to allow the gas to reach inner mechanisms and tubing, if applicable.