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“The SomnoSuite system is phenomenal … It is one of the best investments I've made for the lab!” – Franciscan University

“I am very happy with the SomnoFlo design and touchscreen interface. The menus are easy to use and understand. I very much like that there are only 2-3 buttons necessary for general use.” – University Lab Director

“The SomnoSuite is the best anesthesia machine I have ever used during my 27 years of research using rodents.” – University of Arizona

“Our SomnoFlo set up was easy and the digital functions of the vaporizer are a huge plus.” – University Researcher

“We love your system! It's so convenient, so safe and also saves isoflurane!” – Northwestern University

“… Your customer support has been essential …” – University of Illinois

“I LOVE the SomnoSuite and I tell everyone else how much I love it too! It has made our work so much easier and it's so easy to use.” – Yale School of Medicine

“We received the SomnoFlo today and set it up already. Setup was super easy. Everyone in the lab loves it.” – PI, Research Lab

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Somno Low-Flow Anesthesia Systems


“The system primes itself, empties itself and uses the bottle of isoflurane rather than a syringe—love this!” – Shelly McErlane, PhD, University of British Columbia

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“SomnoSuite System works great! We have two and both are fantastic.” – Kayenat Bakhshi, Research Technician, University of Arizona

What Your Colleagues Say

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