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Oxygen Regulator

Oxygen Regulator
Oxygen Regulator vetflo-72003 VetFlo-72011

Oxygen regulators allow users to easily adjust and regulate the output of oxygen from their source.

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  • Male D.I.S.S. Outlet
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Porous Metal Inlet Filter
  • Pre-set 50 PSI Outlet Pressure
  • High quality chrome plated forged brass construction
  • 0-4000 PSI high pressure gauge for cylinder contents


  • Swivel yolk D.I.S.S. Outlet
  • 50 PSI preset output pressure
  • D and E small cylinder


  • High pressure gauge
  • 0-8 LPM flowgauge
  • Flow control valve
  • Connects to large oxygen cylinders with CGA540 connector


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