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RoVent® Automatic Ventilator Module

The RoVent Automatic Ventilator for mice and rats allows you to enter the animal's weight as it automatically sets the respiratory rate and tidal volume.

All RoVent automatic ventilators come with a FREE sample pack of endotracheal tubes.

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Control Modes Volume Controlled, Pressure Controlled
I:E Ratio 1:1 to 1:5
Sigh Pressure 2 to 30 cmH20
Respiratory Rate Range 20 to 350 bpm
Max Inspiratory Flow 1.5 SLPM
Weight Range 3g to 1,250g
Multi-Animal Capability* Yes
*Our clinical department will be pleased to review your study protocol to confirm that our product will meet your specific study requirements.

Features & Benefits

Adding the RoVent® Module to the SomnoSuite® Low-Flow Anesthesia System

With the RoVent® Automatic Ventilator add-on module, the vaporized anesthetic is delivered directly to the animal along the inspiratory line coming from the ventilator. This close proximity of the vaporized gas to the animal’s lungs allows you to use far less anesthetic than traditional vaporizers, which require hook-up on the back side of the ventilator.



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Automatic Ventilator Module RoVent®

The RoVent module is available as an add-on to the SomnoSuite, PhysioSuite, and RoVent Jr. systems along with a number of other modules as shown below. Choose your system based on your monitoring needs.


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  • Your company not only provided help before we bought the PhysioSuite with RoVent, but continued to be very helpful after the sale. I will recommend your MouseVent to my friends who ask me to help or start a new lab.

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