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SomnoSuite Whitepaper: Small Animal Anesthesia

This whitepaper provides detailed information on anesthesia systems designed to accommodate the physiological characteristics of small animals during surgery, particularly rats and mice.

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PhysioSuite Whitepaper: Monitoring Vital Signs of Laboratory Mice and Rats During Surgery

This whitepaper explores the importance and use of physiological monitoring procedures and equipment, including physiological monitors, ventilators, end-tidal CO2 monitors, pulse oximetry, temperature, surgery platforms, and warming systems.

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Pulse Oximetry & Heart Rate Monitor Whitepaper: The Truth About Laboratory Animal Monitoring

This whitepaper provides an examination and comparison of products designed for small animals that combine measurement of oxygen saturation level (SpO2), heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, or end-tidal CO2, and core body temperature.

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