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Warming Systems FAQs

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How thick are the far infrared warming pads?

0.25 inches.

What material are the warming pads?

The pads are made of water-resistant nylon and are flexible enough to wrap the animal if necessary.

Can I use the RET-2 or RET-3 Probes with the RightTemp?

No, the RET-2 and RET-3 temperature probes are not compatible with RightTemp.

What is the minimum and maximum temperature of the DCT pads?

  • Min: 20° C (68°F)
  • Max: 40° C (104°F)

Th actual temperature will vary depending on the setting.

When a mouse or rat is undergoing a surgical procedure, can I place the animal directly on the warming pad?

Yes, the Right Temp option gives you homeothermic control of the animal; the animal’s core body temperature is maintained by controlling the warming pad using feedback from a rectal thermistor probe.

The Right Temp pads use low frequency far infrared heat that penetrates completely through the animal's body without the need to wrap the animal inside the pad.