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CODA® High Throughput System Noninvasive Blood Pressure System

CODA® High Throughput Monitor

The CODA® mouse rat tail-cuff system was designed to allow accurate blood pressure measurement in mice and rats. Blood pressure is measured in the tail of the mouse or rat using Volume Pressure Recording (VPR) sensor technology. Using the included software allows you to continuously view data in real-time.

Please Note: Due to temporary parts shortages, some component colors may vary, including the normally black color-coded O-cuff connectors and the normally uncolored Cuff Storage Container.

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VPR and Occlusion Cuff Kits

Animal Holders

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Features & Benefits

  • Multifunctional Monitoring CapabilityMeasures systolic, diastolic, mean BP, heart rate, tail blood volume and blood flow
  • Extremely AccurateDiastolic blood pressure is measured, not just calculated
  • For Mice and RatsMeasures mice and rats as small as 8 grams and as large as 950 grams
  • High SensitivityMeasures dark-skinned mice (C57BL/6) without difficulty
  • Versatile ApplicationMeasures awake or anesthetized animals with equal accuracy, consistency, and reliability
  • MRI CompatibleAble to measure anesthetized animals in a radiological environment
  • High Throughput CapabilityConnect up to 6 high throughput controllers to measure up to 48 animals

System Includes

  • NIBP controller
  • Database software
  • Far infrared warming platform(s)
  • Cuff storage case(s) *color may vary
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Product manual
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Standard Warranty (Optional Premium Warranty available for purchase)

Sold Separately

  • Animal Holders
  • VPR and Occlusion cuff kits

With the CODA®, You Can Measure

  • 4 blood pressure parameters: systolic, diastolic, mean BP and heart rate
  • Mice as small as 8 grams to rats as large as 950 grams
  • Diastolic blood pressure measured, not just a calculated value
  • Dark-skinned mice (C57BL/6) without difficulty
  • Awake or anesthetized animals with equal accuracy, consistency, and reliability
  • Anesthetized animals in a radiological environment (MRI compatibility)

See How the Noninvasive Tail-Cuff System Works

The animal nose cone holders that accompany the CODA system were specifically designed for noninvasive tail blood pressure measurements. The clear acrylic holders provide unrestricted breathing and allow complete visibility to the researcher.

The VPR sensor incorporates a specially designed differential pressure transducer that measures the systolic and diastolic blood pressure by determining the blood volume in the tail. We have cuff sizes for mice as small as 8 grams to rats as large as 950 grams.

About Volume Pressure Recording (VPR)

VPR is a clinically validated method to measure blood pressure in mice and rats by determining the tail blood volume using a volume pressure recording sensor and an occlusion tail-cuff. VPR provides 99% correlation with telemetry and direct blood pressure measurements. Only our VPR technology can actually measure the diastolic blood pressure; all other tail-cuff technologies estimate (calculate) the diastolic blood pressure in mice and rats.

Warranty Information

US & Canada

Standard No Charge Extended $950 Premium $2,250
Coverage Period 1 Year Additional 2 Years Additional 2 Years
Controller Check Check Check
Loaner Equipment (for use under warranty repairs) Check $450/Week Check $450/Week Check Unlimited
Loaner Equipment — Shipping (for use under warranty repairs) None None Check Next Day
Onsite Installation & Training None None Check Training
Expedited Repairs None None Check 24 Hours
  • Damage or failures that result from abuse, negligence, or misuse are not covered under warranty.
  • Expedited repair time starts the business day after product is received and ends when shipped to customer.
  • Customer is responsible to inform Kent Scientific when making a warranty claim.
  • Extended warranties purchased after the original system sale are subject to approval. It may be necessary to have the controller returned for inspection before the purchase of the extended warranty.


  • We have used the CODA system for measurement of blood pressure in obese Zucker rats, and are satisfied with the results.

  • We have used the CODA system for measurement of blood pressure in obese Zucker rats, and are satisfied with the results.

  • I have found our new CODA system to be very easy to use. The ability to do two mice at once has increased our efficiency. The software interface is very user friendly. It is a good product.

  • Although I have changed companies recently, we loved the CODA. Even better though was the service Kent Scientific provided. You guys went above and beyond at every turn. The service tech who helped us was also great.

  • The system is performing well; we have used it with rats twice this week with no issues after ramping research back up. I especially appreciate the thick, sturdy materials and smooth edges of the animal holders.

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