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CapnoScan® End-Tidal CO2 Monitor Module

CapnoScan® provides real-time capnography and sidestream sampling. To obtain end-tidal CO2 measurements, CapnoScan requires the animal be intubated and ventilated.

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Transducer Type Sidestream Sensor
Sample Rate 50 mL/min. +/- 10mL/min.
Initialization Time < 15 seconds
Measurement Range 0 to 16%, 0 to 120 mmHg
Rise Time < 60 ms
0.1 mmHg 0 to 69 mmHg
0.25 mmHg 70 to 150 mmHg
Accuracy 0 to 150 mmHg, ±2 mmHg

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Connecting CapnoScan® to Your Setup

This diagram illustrates how the end-tidal CO2 sensor connects to your PhysioSuite® setup.

PhysioSuite and CapnoScan Connection Illustration

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End-Tidal CO2 Monitor Module CapnoScan®

The CapnoScan module is available as an add-on to the SomnoSuite and PhysioSuite Systems along with a number of other modules as shown below. Choose your system based on your monitoring needs.


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