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Of Mice and Memory: What Recent Research with Mice is Teaching Scientists About Human Memory

Scientists continue to learn about how the brain works, but human memory still holds many mysteries. How exactly are memories stored and retrieved? How does the brain recognize and treat different types of memories? Can memories be changed or manipulated? How can memory be damaged or improved? Recent research has made significant strides in answering some of those questions.

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Posted 8/26/2020

Researchers Discover New Cancer-Fighting Uses for Common Substances

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and scientists continue to make important discoveries to prevent, understand, and treat cancer. Recently, researchers have been able to use common substances and compounds including the flu shot, salt, copper, aspirin, and bitter melon extract to fight cancer in mouse models.

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Posted 2/20/2020

Numerous Mouse Studies Point to Diet as Key to Understanding and Preventing Disease

On January 1, millions of people resolved to eat better. In fact, according to a survey by YouGov, eating healthier was the most frequently made New Year’s resolution. But paying more attention to diet can do more than help you lose weight and feel better—according to several new mouse studies, food and diet are deeply connected to many different diseases and conditions, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, flu, dementia, and even the aging process.

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Posted 1/16/2020