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RoVent® Jr. Small Animal Ventilator


The RoVent Jr. Small Animal Ventilator is ideal for mice, rats and guinea pigs up to 1,250 grams. The ventilator is fully automatic, simply enter the animals weight and press run. You have the ability to control ventilation by either volume or pressure. 

The built-in touchscreen display provides information about your current ventilator settings. You have the ability to customize the display; many of the parameters can easily be displayed as numeric numbers or on a real-time graph. The real-time display screen has the capability to show numeric readings, waveforms, or both simultaneously. View historical data with a touch of the screen.

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Features & Benefits

All Systems Include

  • Integrated touchscreen display
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty
    (Extended 2-Year Warranty Available)

All RoVent® Jr. base systems include the following modules:

Automatic Ventilator Module RoVent®
Control Modes Volume Controlled, Pressure Controlled
I:E Ratio 1:1 to 1:5
Sigh Pressure 2 to 30 cmH20
Respiratory Rate Range 20 to 350 bpm
Max Inspiratory Flow 1.5 SLPM
Weight Range 3g to 1,250g
Multi-Animal Capability* Yes
*Our clinical department will be pleased to review your study protocol to confirm that our product will meet your specific study requirements.
Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control Module FREE RightTemp®
Resistance 2252 ohm
Tolerance +/– 0.2° C
Accuracy 0–70° C
Operating Temp. –60° C to 150° C
Sensor Diameter (Mouse) Tip/ball diameter: 0.077"
Shaft diameter: 0.062"
Time Constant 15.0 seconds
Dissipation Constant 0.75 m/W (° C)
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Configure Your RoVent® Jr. Modules

Automatic Ventilator Module RoVent®
Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control Module RightTemp®
Valued At $2,000
RoVent® Jr. $3,475

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