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RoVent® Jr. Small Animal Ventilator

RoVent® Jr.

The RoVent Jr. Small Animal Ventilator is ideal for mice, rats and guinea pigs up to 1,250 grams. The ventilator is fully automatic, simply enter the animals weight and press run. You have the ability to control ventilation by either volume or pressure. 

The RoVent Jr. provides a number of features that make it an ideal system for in-vivo COVID-19 research. The built-in touchscreen display provides information about your current ventilator settings. You have the ability to customize the display; many of the parameters can easily be displayed as numeric numbers or on a real-time graph. The real-time display screen has the capability to show numeric readings, waveforms, or both simultaneously.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fully Automatic with Touchscreen ControlSafely ventilate using auto-calculated settings based on animal weight
  • Ventilate Animals from 3 to 1,250 gIdeal for mice, rats, and small animals
  • Volume Control and Pressure ControlReduce footprint with one, dual control ventilator
  • Multi-Animal CapabilityGreater efficiency

Comparison: RoVent® Jr. vs. RoVent® vs. SomnoSuite® with RoVent®

  RoVent® Jr. RoVent® SomnoSuite® with RoVent®
Volume ventilation Check Check Check
Pressure ventilation Check Check Check
Pulse ventilation mode None Check Check
PEEP None Check Check
Assist mode None Check Check
Sigh breath None Check Check
I:E ratio Check Check Check
Tidal volume — measured Check Check Check
Auto set-up Limited Check Check
User profiles None Check Check
Alarms (parameter) None Check Check
Trigger in None Check Check
Analog out None Check Check
Digital out None Check Check
Sync out None Check Check
ADI integration None Check Check
Data output None Check Check
Internal data logging None Check Check
Realtime clock None Check Check
Temperature monitor and homeothermic control module None Check RightTemp included Check RightTemp included


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