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SomnoSuite® Low-Flow Anesthesia System

Starting at $4,975

SomnoSuite is our innovative low-flow anesthesia delivery system designed specifically for mice and rats. Unlike traditional vaporizers, the SomnoSuite is engineered with a precision syringe pump and integrated digital vaporizer which uses either room air or compressed gas to deliver anesthesia at low flow rates proportionate to the animal's size. Using less anesthesia not only benefits the animal during procedures, but significantly reduces the risk of exposure to lab personnel from waste anesthesia gas.

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Features & Benefits

SomnoSuite® Videos

See why the SomnoSuite low-flow anesthesia is safer for you and your animals, offering higher precision over traditional systems.

See a detailed demonstration of how to set up and operate the SomnoSuite low-flow anesthesia system, which provides both automated and manually adjustable options for precise airflow and anesthesia delivery based on animal body weight.

The SomnoSuite smart low-flow anesthesia system can deliver isoflurane using ambient air or compressed oxygen, increasing the flexibility of your setup. See how to set your SomnoSuite to use ambient air or compressed gas.

The SomnoSuite is electronically calibrated, so no annual calibration or re-certification is required. This low-flow electronic vaporizer maintains accurate anesthesia delivery with solid state electronics, hardware, and software, rather than passive vaporization and moving mechanical parts.

All Systems Include

  • Integrated touch-screen display
  • Internal memory for data storage
  • Mini-USB for data output
  • Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter
  • Two accessory adapter to connect two mice to anesthesia masks
  • Scavenging filter
  • 1 Charcoal canister
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Standard Warranty
  • Premium Warranty Available

All SomnoSuite® base systems include the following modules:

Low-Flow Anesthesia System SomnoSuite®
Flow Rate 0 to 1 L/min
Two Modes Vaporizer: Internal Pump or Compressed Air
Max. Pusher Force Greater than 36 kg
Carriage Position Detection +/- 0.2 mm
Anesthetics Isoflurane and Sevoflurane
Multi-Animal Capability Yes
Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control Module RightTemp®
Resistance 2252 ohm
Tolerance +/– 0.2° C
Accuracy 25°C to 45°C
Operating Temp. –40°C to 80° C
Sensor Diameter Ball Tip Diameter: 1.65 mm max
Shaft: 1.5 mm
Time Constant 10.0 seconds
Dissipation Constant 0.75 m/W (° C)
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Extend Your SomnoSuite®'s Capabilities with the Following Add-On Modules

Start with the modules you need now and add on later. All modules are sold separately.

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Automatic Ventilator Module RoVent®
Control Modes Volume Controlled, Pressure Controlled
I:E Ratio 1:1 to 1:5
Sigh Pressure 2 to 30 cmH20
Respiratory Rate Range 20 to 350 bpm
Max Inspiratory Flow 1.5 SLPM
Weight Range 3g to 1,250g
Multi-Animal Capability* Yes
*Our clinical department will be pleased to review your study protocol to confirm that our product will meet your specific study requirements.
More Details ›
Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor Module MouseSTAT®
Heart Rate Up to 900 bpm
Resolution 1%
SpO2 Range 70 to 100%
Alarms 5, Programmable
Data Export Yes
SpO2 Sensors Soft Touch Paw Sensors (standard)
Large Animal Clip Sensors
Pup Sensors
More Details ›
End-Tidal CO2 Monitor Module CapnoScan®
Transducer Type Sidestream Sensor
Sample Rate 50 mL/min. +/- 10mL/min.
Initialization Time < 15 seconds
Measurement Range 0 to 16%, 0 to 120 mmHg
Rise Time < 60 ms
0.1 mmHg 0 to 69 mmHg
0.25 mmHg 70 to 150 mmHg
Accuracy 0 to 150 mmHg, ±2 mmHg
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How Much Could You Save?

Calculate your savings using a
SomnoSuite® Digital Vaporizer vs. Traditional Vaporizer:

SomnoSuite Traditional Vaporizer
Enter your hours of use/year here:
SomnoSuite could save you $16,120/year
Print Results
Calculation Based on:
  • Flow rate of 0.2 L/min for SomnoSuite & 2 L/min for Traditional
  • Iso Concentration of 2%
  • Annual calibration cost of $200 – $300* for Traditional.
  • Average cost of a typical 250 mL bottle size of Iso is $35:
    Volume x $35 x 4 = $Cost/year
  • Compressed gas fees vary from academia to pharma. Most tanks are rented with fees for tank fill/replacement averaging ~ $1,000/year.
  • Calculations are based upon a specific customer request, and can be adjusted to other specific uses.

With the RoVent Automatic Ventilator add-on module, the vaporized anesthetic is delivered directly to the animal along the inspiratory line coming from the ventilator. This close proximity of the vaporized gas to the animal’s lungs allows you to use far less anesthetic than traditional vaporizers, which require hook-up on the back side of the ventilator.

mouse on facemask
Rodent facemasks and nosecones are
available for all systems in many sizes

Uses Less Anesthetic Gas

The SomnoSuite is specifically designed to be used with mice and rats. It is pre-calibrated for use with both isoflurane and sevoflurane. Typical “human-sized” vaporizers on the market today waste more anesthetic gas than you would actually use in a given procedure. Using the SomnoSuite during a typical 30-minute procedure at a gas concentration of 2.5% isoflurane results in using less than .3 mL of isoflurane! It is capable of anesthetizing up to 2 mice simultaneously. The internal pump allows you to use room air or you may hook it directly to a compressed gas source. If you need to anesthetize more than two mice or multiple

Syringe Selection

For optimum precision, response and consistency of anesthetic delivery, we recommend using the 5mL syringe size for mice and the 10mL syringe size for rats. Because mice require very low flow rates for anesthetic maintenance, very little liquid anesthetic is needed. A larger syringe at the same flow rate will cause the syringe driver mechanism to run more slowly, causing pulsatile flow of anesthetic. For example, for a 30g animal with a calculated maintenance flow of 36mL/min set at 1.5% isoflurane, the syringe pump moves approximately 4 pulses per second with a 5mL syringe, and 2 pulses per second with a 10mL syringe. Although the animal’s response time to changes in anesthetic tends to occur over a few minutes, a more pulsatile anesthetic flow rate may in some cases introduce variables related to anesthetic maintenance.


rat on facemask

Warranty Information

  Standard No Charge Basic $750 Premium $1,450
Coverage Period 1 Year 3 Years 3 Years
Controller & Warming Pad (manufacturer defects) Check Check Check
Controller & Warming Pad (fire, flood, lightning) None None Check x 1 Replacement
Loaner Equipment (for use under warranty repairs) Check $450/Week Check $300/Week Check Unlimited
Loaner Equipment — Shipping (for use under warranty repairs) None None Check Next Day
Onsite Installation & Training (North America only) None None Check
Expedited Repairs (any repairs) None Check 72 Hours Check 24 Hours
Syringe (replacement) Check x 1 Check x 2 Check x 3
Delivery Line (replacement) Check x 1 Check x 2 Check x 3
Tubing & Connections (replacement) Check x 1 Check x 2 Check x 3
Induction Chamber (acrylic) (replacement) Check Check Check
Low Profile Facemask (replacement) None Check 1 Pack/Year Check 1 Pack/Year
Temperature Sensors (replacement) None Check 1/Year Check Unlimited
MouseSTAT — Sensors (replacements) Check x 1 Check x 2 Check x 3
CapnoScan — Sensors (replacement within first year) Check x 1 Check x 1 Check x 1
  • Expedited repair time starts the business day after product is received and ends when shipped to customer.
  • Syringe, chamber, facemask replacements must be the same size as on the original order, unless otherwise specified.
  • Basic and Premium Warranties are available in North America only.
  • Customer is responsible to inform Kent Scientific when making a warranty claim.
  • Extended warranties purchased after the original system sale are subject to approval. It may be necessary to have the controller returned for inspection before the purchase of the extended warranty.

Configure Your SomnoSuite® Modules

Low-Flow Anesthesia System SomnoSuite®
Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control Module RightTemp®
Valued At $1,000
SomnoSuite® $4,975 Select the warranty you would like to add. View details

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Induction chambers, anesthesia masks, anesthesia starter kits, and syringes sold separately. If using the SomnoSuite with a compressed oxygen gas source, regulate the pressure to between 5 and 15 psi.

2-Accessory Connector – 2-Accessory Connector for all existing systems with serial #s that do not end in "-B" $35 Add
2-Accessory Connector – 2-Accessory Connector for all new and existing systems with serial #s ending in "-B" $35 Add
3-Accessory Connector – 3 Accessory Connector $45 Add
Activated Charcoal Absorption Filters – 8 Pack $88 Add
Analog Output Cable – Analog Output Cable $15 Add
Anesthesia Masks/Breathing Circuits – X-Small (For Weanling Mice) $155 Add
Anesthesia Masks/Breathing Circuits – Small (For Rodents Up to 150 g) $165 Add
Anesthesia Masks/Breathing Circuits – Medium (For Rodents 150 to 200 g) $170 Add
Anesthesia Masks/Breathing Circuits – Large (For Rodents 200 to 350 g) $175 Add
Anesthesia Masks/Breathing Circuits – X-Large (For Rodents 350 g+) $185 Add
Anti-Spill, Anti-Vapor Bottle Top Adapter – For Isoflurane $215 Add
Anti-Spill, Anti-Vapor Bottle Top Adapter – For Sevoflurane $215 Add
External Powerbank – External Powerbank $375 Add
Glass Syringe, 10 mL – 10 mL Glass Syringe $275 Add
Glass Syringe, 10 mL – 2-Pack: 10 mL Glass Syringes (Primary & Back-Up) $495 Add
Glass Syringe, 2 mL – 2 mL Glass Syringe $275 Add
Glass Syringe, 2 mL – 2-Pack: 2 mL Glass Syringes (Primary & Back-Up) $495 Add
Glass Syringe, 5 mL – 5 mL Glass Syringe $275 Add
Glass Syringe, 5 mL – 2-Pack: 5 mL Glass Syringes (Primary & Back-Up) $495 Add
Low-Cost Chambers – 0.4L $95 Add
Low-Cost Chambers – 1.0L $95 Add
Low-Cost Chambers – 2.0L $95 Add
Low-Cost Chambers – 3.0L $95 Add
Low-Profile Anesthesia Masks – Small $89 Add
Low-Profile Anesthesia Masks – Medium (rats up to 100 g) $89 Add
Low-Profile Anesthesia Masks – Large (rats up to 300 g) $89 Add
Low-Profile Anesthesia Masks – Extra Large (for animals over 300 g) $89 Add
Preset Pressure Reducer – Preset Pressure Reducer for SomnoSuite® $475 Add
Sliding Top Chambers – 1.25L $375 Add
Sliding Top Chambers – 3L $375 Add
Sliding Top Chambers – 5.4L $375 Add
SomnoSuite® Starter Kit for Mice – SomnoSuite® Starter Kit for Mice $595 Add
SomnoSuite® Starter Kit for Rats – SomnoSuite® Starter Kit for Rats $695 Add
Stamped Ear Tags – 500 Stamped Ear Tags (Random, Non-Specified, Consecutive Numbering) with Ear Tag Applicator $89 Add
Stamped Ear Tags – 1,000 Stamped Ear Tags (Custom Order Numbering) $99 Add
Stamped Ear Tags – 200 Stamped Ear Tags (Random, Non-Specified Numbering) with Ear Tag Applicator $100 Add
Stamped Ear Tags – 1,000 Stamped Ear Tags (Custom, Specified Numbering) with Ear Tag Applicator $127 Add


Average 5 stars:
  • What I like about the system is the easy-operation and precise control of the drug amount, and saving reagent.

  • We are enjoying our original SomnoSuite so much that we ordered 2 more. We found they are relatively easy to setup and start.

  • What I like SomnoSuite thing that it is a small and light so that it is easy to move anywhere I want.

  • I love the SomnoSuite system, because it is digital, we have absolute control over the delivered anesthetic, it has an intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use touchscreen, it can be enhanced with other functionalities within the same device (e.g. pulse oximetry, CO2 measurements etc.), it can be used with multiple animals at the same time, and many other functions that analog systems do not offer.

    Our lab uses only SomnoSuite, and I propose the system to other colleagues as well.

  • I love it. It works very easily and I have no trouble at all. I find it simple to use and excellent.

    I think most of the other investigators I have spoken with have also switched to this system.

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