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SomnoFlo® Low-Flow Electronic Vaporizer

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The SomnoFlo® is a compact, standalone vaporizer that uses either ambient air with an internal air pump or compressed gas. It delivers only the anesthetic required by the animal according to its weight with flows down to 0.1 LPM.


SomnoFlo® is a low-flow electronic vaporizer with an automated delivery system. Just connect your anesthetic bottle directly to SomnoFlo and the system is ready for your procedure.

SomnoFlo® Starter Kits each include an induction chamber, nosecone, and accessory tubing. For more details visit our Starter Kit page.

To view the MC-01 and MC-02 listed below, visit our Mobile Carts page.

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Features & Benefits

  • Extreme Precision & Accuracy, Flow Rates as Low as 100mL/minJust right for mice and other small animals
  • Ambient Air or Compressed GasSaves time, increases accuracy, decreases WAG
  • Less Waste Gas ExposureIncreases user safety
  • Automated Anesthetic Delivery SystemEnsures precision to 0.1% for reproducable results
  • No Annual Calibration or CertificationElectronic vaporizers utilizing active vaporization technology do not require annual maintenance and include a no-calibration certificate for facility inspections.
  • Complies with Regulatory GuidelinesLow Flow vaporizers use less anesthetic and reduce exposure and waste anesthetic gas

System Includes

  • Integrated touch-screen display
  • External 250 mL bottle connection and holder
  • Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter
  • Two accessory adapter 
  • WAG canister and holder
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Standard Warranty
  • Premium Warranty Available

Anesthetic Delivery System

SomnoFlo draws anesthetic directly from the standard 250mL bottle placed in a convenient holder outside the vaporizer.

Operates With Ambient Air or Compressed Gas

SomnoFlo operates using an internal air pump with ambient air or with compressed gas. For gas supplied at > 15psi, the Somno-7305 Preset Pressure Reducer is required to regulate the pressure.

How Much Could You Save?

Calculate your savings using a
SomnoFlo® Digital Vaporizer vs. Traditional Vaporizer:

SomnoFlo Traditional Vaporizer
Enter your hours of use/year here:
SomnoFlo could save you $16,120/year
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Calculation Based on:
  • Flow rate of 0.2 L/min for SomnoFlo & 2 L/min for Traditional
  • Iso Concentration of 2%
  • Annual calibration cost of $200 – $300* for Traditional.
  • Average cost of a typical 250 mL bottle size of Iso is $35:
    Volume x $35 x 4 = $Cost/year
  • Compressed gas fees vary from academia to pharma. Most tanks are rented with fees for tank fill/replacement averaging ~ $1,000/year.
  • Calculations are based upon a specific customer request, and can be adjusted to other specific uses.

SomnoFlo Diagram

Warranty Information

  Standard No Charge Basic $750 Premium $1,450
Coverage Period 1 Year 3 Years 3 Years
Controller Check Check Check
Controller (fire, flood, lightning) None None Check x 1
Loaner Equipment (for use under warranty repairs) Check $450/Week Check $300/Week Check Unlimited
Loaner Equipment — Shipping (for use under warranty repairs) None None Check Next Day
Onsite Installation & Training (North America only) None None Check Training
Expedited Repairs None Check x 1 Check 24 Hours
  • Expedited repair time starts the business day after product is received and ends when shipped to customer.
  • Basic and Premium Warranties are available in North America only.
  • Customer is responsible to inform Kent Scientific when making a warranty claim.
  • Extended warranties purchased after the original system sale are subject to approval. It may be necessary to have the controller returned for inspection before the purchase of the extended warranty.

SomnoFlo® Videos

SomnoFlo® Setup and Mouse Anesthesia Protocol

Demonstrating the Precision of Low-Flow Anesthesia Systems Observing the Tail Curl Reaction in an Anesthetized Mouse


  • We actually did order a SomnoFlo and we like it a lot. We just ordered a second one.

  • We ended up purchasing the Somnoflo and it works amazing. We also have received great customer service whenever we have needed help/ and or have had questions about the product.

  • The SomnoFlo has a significantly smaller footprint than the standard isoflurane cart; our procedure room feels like it’s doubled in size since replacing the cart that was in the middle of the it with the SomnoFlo on the counter. I used to trip over the legs of the isoflurane cart almost daily, and I’m delighted to have it out of the room. Being able to use room air instead of oxygen is a huge bonus - no more monitoring how much oxygen we have left in the tank or stressing over whether the tank will be replaced on time before our next surgery.
    The SomnoFlo has made our lives much easier.

  • Wanted to check in since receiving the SomnoFlo that we ordered a few months ago. The system works amazing! All our lab members have had a chance to use the system and we are highly impressed with the efficiency of the machine and how quickly we are seeing the mice wake up from anesthesia after finishing our procedures with them.

  • We actually purchased one of the SomnoFlo units a few months ago and have been using it with our rodent procedures. It has worked great and all of our users seem to love the system.

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