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RFID Systems FAQs

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Can I download the data from the LID-573 to a computer?

Yes. You will need to purchase the RS-232 cable that is for the LID-572. The cable comes with PC Companion software.

Can I enter a unique ID on a Pocket Reader?

Yes. If you would like the ability to enter a unique ID, the LID-573 Pocket Reader includes a "custom names" feature. This allows you to assign a custom code to be displayed on the reader's LCD.

Up to 32 characters can be used for the custom code. These codes are assigned to the Trovan ID number from your computer using free software.

Can the implanted transponders be re-used?

Yes. However, the transponders are encapsulated in glass and if damaged, fluid may leak into the transponder through small holes or cracks that may occur during removal and re-implantation. Any fluid in the transponder will cause the unit to malfunction.


Do RFID microchips meet international standards?


Does the GR-250 have an infrared port?

Yes. Data can be transferred to computer via the infrared port.

Does the LID-573 have an infrared port?

Yes. Data can be transferred to computer via the infrared port.

How do I clean my transponder?

We recommend cleaning the transponder with medical grade alcohol, and sterilizing using a chemical sterilant. Alide, Zephiran, and Cidex are some examples of common choices to sterilize the transponders.

What should I use to clean the LID-573 and GR-250 readers?

Use a clean cloth and small amount of alcohol.

Note: The product is not leak-proof, avoid any fluid entering the device.

Does the GR-250 High Performance Portable Reader require the GR-RS232 cable?

No, the GR-RS232 cable is not required to operate the GR-250 reader. The cable is used to download data to a computer.