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Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems


Accurately and safely measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure in mice and rats. Choose our CODA® monitor for a single animal, or the CODA® High Throughput monitor for 2 – 8 animals. Learn more about noninvasive blood pressure...

About Noninvasive Rat & Mouse Blood Pressure

The ability to accurately and noninvasively measure the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, in addition to the heart rate and other blood flow parameters in mice, rats, and other rodents, is of great clinical value to research.

The noninvasive rat and mouse blood pressure measurement methodology consists of utilizing a tail-cuff placed on the tail to occlude the blood flow. Upon deflation, one of several types of noninvasive blood pressure sensors, placed distal to the occlusion cuff, can be used to monitor the blood pressure.

Kent Scientific offers two products and many accessories for noninvasive blood pressure measurement:

The CODA mouse and rat tail-cuff system was designed to allow you to precisely measure mouse blood pressure and rat blood pressure. The CODA tail-cuff blood pressure system utilizes Volume Pressure Recording (VPR) sensor technology to measure the mouse or rat tail blood pressure.

Noninvasive blood pressure devices that utilize VPR are a valuable tool in research and will continue to be beneficial in many study protocols.

The main advantages of noninvasive blood pressure are:

  • Requires no surgery
  • Significantly less expensive than other mouse blood pressure equipment
  • Ability to screen for systolic and diastolic BP changes over time in large numbers of animals
  • Allows the researcher to obtain accurate and consistent rate and mouse blood pressure measurements over time in long-term studies