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VetFlo FAQs

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How often should I certify my VetFlo vaporizer?

It is recommended that your VetFlo vaporizer be certified annually.

Should I use 100% oxygen saturation with an anesthesia stand?

Yes, 100% oxygen saturation should always be used.

What are breathing circuits?

Breathing circuits enable the delivery of fresh gas from an anesthesia machine to an animal, and delivery of waste gas from the animal to an evacuation system. Breathing circuits can be divided into two main categories: rebreathing and non-rebreathing.

  • Rebreathing: Rebreathing circuits are used with anesthesia machines that are equipped with a CO2 absorber head and/or a ventilator. The circuits consist of a tube from the machine to the animal, which is connected to Y-piece at the animal, and then another tube extending back to the machine. The gas moves through the tubes in a circular path to the animal and then back to the machine via one-way valves within the anesthesia machine. Unused gas is recycled to the anesthesia machine for reuse.
  • Non-Rebreathing: Non-rebreathing circuits consist of two tubes,one delivers gas from the machine to the animal and the other tube (usually larger in diameter) brings the waste gases to evacuation. Any gas not used is directed towards the evacuation circuit. The waste gas tube should easily connect to either a disposable charcoal canister or to any in-house evacuation system. There is usually an elbow, T or straight connection to the anesthesia mask or ET tube at the animal end. The fresh gas tube is generally located inside the waste gas tube, however products vary greatly in configuration.

What is the difference between funnel-filled and key-filled?

  • Funnel-filled allows the direct pouring of anesthetic agents into the vaporizer. It should be used when only one agent is used in the lab.
  • Key-filled vaporizers help prevent cross-contamination and are used when different agents will be used in the lab. They require an adapter that screws onto the anesthetic agent bottle, which only allows the addition of the correct agent into the vaporizer.