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RightTemp® Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control Module

The RightTemp Temperature Monitoring and Homeothermic Control system allows you to accurately monitor and maintain rat and mouse body temperature. Simply set your desired core body temperature and the system will automatically control the warming pad so the animal's core temperature never goes above or below your set temperature. There aren't any hot spots like you see with traditional warming pads.

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Resistance 2252 ohm
Tolerance +/– 0.2° C
Accuracy 25°C to 45°C
Operating Temp. –40°C to 80° C
Sensor Diameter Ball Tip Diameter: 1.65 mm max
Shaft: 1.5 mm
Time Constant 10.0 seconds
Dissipation Constant 0.75 m/W (° C)

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

About Far Infrared (FIR) Warming

The pads warm the animal through far infrared (FIR) warming. Far infrared light is absorbed by cells deep within the body of the animal which safely raise the core body temperature. FIR light warms the body without warming the air between the FIR source and the body. FIR is totally safe; in fact, 80% of the sun’s rays are in the low energy, far infrared range. FIR waves resonate with organic matter and penetrate deep into the body. The energy level of water in the body's cells is gently increased through “resonant absorption” warming the inside of the body. The body can absorb as much as 90% of FIR heat compared to only 20% with conventional warming pads. Studies have shown that FIR can maintain therapeutic temperatures longer when compared with conventional heating methods. Less mouse warming is required with FIR than with conventional techniques. FIR allows researchers to safely warm animals for a longer period of time without unknowingly overheating the animal. Your animal can now be warmed over an extended period of time without having to constantly increase the temperature. No hot spots like you see with traditional warming pads.

FIR warming increases body metabolism, thereby discharging anesthetics and toxins, which aid in faster recovery from surgery.

 The Multi-Functional Controller Provides 3 Options for Use:

RightTemp sensor

  • Control/maintain core body temperature by using both sensors (a rectal thermometer and a pad sensor)
  • Set desired pad temperature using the pad sensor only
  • Adjust pad temperature by changing the percentage of power to the pad using no sensors

Far Infrared Warming: Product Selection Guide 

Warming Pad Control RightTemp® Jr. Homeothermic Control PhysioSuite® RightTemp® with Advanced Features
Small footprint; easily fits into your surgical set-up Automatic control measures and regulates your animal’s temperature Temperature monitor and homeothermic control module
Large display; easily set and identify target temperature Includes temperature sensor Modular physiological monitor system
Operates using AC power Far infrared warming pad provided Optional Modules for ventilation, end-tidal CO2, pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring
Starting at $495 Starting at $859 Starting at $1,098


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Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control Module RightTemp®

The RightTemp module is available as an add-on to the SomnoSuite, PhysioSuite, CODA, and RoVent Jr. systems along with a number of other modules as shown below. Choose your system based on your monitoring needs.


  • We are extremely satisfied with our Somnosuite purchase. This is the third system we have purchased for our lab. All of the researchers who are using those systems like the size of the system, the lower isoflurane exposure, and the incorporation of the RightTemp module for their monitoring purposes. The systems have worked well, and on those occasions when repairs have been needed Kent has been great about working with us to get them repaired in a timely fashion.

  • I'm 100% sold on the product.
    1. No need for oxygen cylinders. This is nice as inevitably someone in lab fails to let others know that we're almost out. Also, now not a problem with our annual safety evaluation since we don't have compressed cylinders.
    2. No need for annual calibration. This is beyond lovely. It is a pain to send off these units which are essential to lab progress once a year to get them serviced and calibrated. My university leaves me alone about my unit because it isn't a traditional unit and doesn't require service/calibration unless we've noticed a problem.
    3. When we have had problems (and we have had problems, and my husband lab had a problem), you guys are on it. Very prompt in attention and getting it fixed and returned.
    4. The RightTemp module is good. I don't use it as much as I maybe should, but we do use it as a heating pad during surgery (calibrating the temp of the pad, not by the rectal probe). It is nice to not have to nuke and then cool down overly heated wax-like heating pads or fold a normal heating pad into a ridiculously small space.

  • "I like the temperature probe integration to automatically increase the temperature of the warming pad."

  • We love the system. Our surgical space is somewhat limited so having the SomnoSuite is a huge space-saver both in terms of its small footprint and independence from oxygen canisters. The versatility is great, too, in terms of being able to have both induction box and surgical mask hooked up concurrently. We also appreciate the efficiency of the system in terms of isoflurane consumption and are utilizing the heating pad option.

  • The warming pad is excellent, we use ours during surgery.

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