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MouseSTAT® Jr. Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor

MouseSTAT Jr.
MouseSTAT Jr. Mouse Sensor Rat Sensor Large Animal Sensor

Pulse oximetry in the palm of your hand! The MouseSTAT® Jr. uses the same technology used in the PhysioSuite system to provide you with accurate pulse oximetry in both mice and rats.

  • Unlike the PhysioSuite, the MouseSTAT Jr. has two displays, one for heart rate and one for pulse oximetry.
  • Its sole function is to provide heart rate and pulse oximetry measurements.
  • Measures pulse oximetry on anesthetized animals with heart rates up to 900bpm.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fits in the palm of your handEasily integrates into your anesthesia set-up
  • Clear display of heart rate and pulse oximetryQuick view of vital signs allows you to focus on your animal
  • Visual alerts to confirm sensor placementIdentify and maintain accuracy at the sensor site

Comparison: MouseSTAT® Jr. vs. PhysioSuite® with MouseSTAT

Products MouseSTAT® Jr. PhysioSuite® with MouseSTAT
Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Yes Yes
Heart Rate (HR) Yes Yes
Respiratory Rate (RR) No Yes*
Perfusion Index (PI) No Yes
Safety alarms 2 5
Temperature monitor & homeothermic warming module (includes warming pad & probes) No Yes: FREE RightTemp Module
CO2 module (integrated) No Yes*
Data Management
Internal memory No Yes
Export capability No Yes
Data acquisition capability No Yes
Real-time Yes Yes
Values Numeric Alpha-numeric / graphical
User custom menu No Yes

* Optional module


  • Overall we really like the ventilator (in all of the devices) and the SomnoSuite for the anaesthesia delivery...easy, intuitive, efficient, great stuff! We also really like the heat pads, rectal probes, and pulsox.

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