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MouseSTAT® Jr. Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor

Pulse oximetry in the palm of your hand! The MouseSTAT® Jr. uses the same technology used in the PhysioSuite system to provide you with accurate pulse oximetry in both mice and rats.

  • Unlike the PhysioSuite, the MouseSTAT Jr. has two displays, one for heart rate and one for pulse oximetry.
  • Its sole function is to provide heart rate and pulse oximetry measurements.
  • Measures pulse oximetry on awake, immobile or anesthetized animals with heart rates up to 900bpm.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fits in the palm of your handEasily integrates into your anesthesia set-up
  • Clear display of heart rate and pulse oximetryQuick view of vital signs allows you to focus on your animal
  • Visual alerts to confirm sensor placementIdentify and maintain accuracy at the sensor site

Comparison: MouseSTAT® Jr. vs. PhysioSuite® with MouseSTAT

Products MouseSTAT® Jr. PhysioSuite® with MouseSTAT
Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Yes Yes
Heart Rate (HR) Yes Yes
Respiratory Rate (RR) No Yes*
Perfusion Index (PI) No Yes
Safety alarms 2 5
Temperature monitor & homeothermic warming module (includes warming pad & probes) No Yes: FREE RightTemp Module
Ventilator module (integrated) No Yes*
CO2 module (integrated) No Yes*
Data Management
Internal memory No Yes
Export capability No Yes
Data acquisition capability No Yes
Real-time Yes Yes
Values Numeric Alpha-numeric / graphical
User custom menu No Yes

* Optional module


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