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Far Infrared Warming Pad with Controller (AC power)

Far Infrared Warming Pad Controller

The Far Infrared Warming Pad Controller safely and efficiently keeps your animal warm before, during, and after surgery.

This basic warming controller is designed to regulate percent power to the warming pad to achieve the desired temperature. Using the easy-to read touch screen display, set your desired pad power, and the controller will measure and display the pad temperature accordingly.

Two sizes of far infrared warming pads are available:

  • 15.2 cm W x 20.3 cm L  (6 in W x 8 in L)
  • 20.3 cm W x 25.4cm L  (8 in W x 10 in L)

Select the system that best fits your application.

Interested in homeothermic regulation and monitoring of animal temperature? Click here.

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Features & Benefits

  • Far infrared warmingPenetrates deep within the body to safely warm the animal
  • Small footprintCompact controller easily fits into your surgical set-up
  • Large displayQuickly identify when pad reaches target temperature

All Systems Include

  • Controller
  • Pad temperature sensor
  • Far infrared warming pad
  • Disposable sleeve protectors (10-pack)
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty

Far Infrared Warming: Product Selection Guide 

Warming Pad Control RightTemp® Jr. Homeothermic Control PhysioSuite® RightTemp® with Advanced Features
Small footprint; easily fits into your surgical set-up Automatic control measures and regulates your animal’s temperature Temperature monitor and homeothermic control module
Large display; easily set and identify target temperature Includes temperature sensor Modular physiological monitor system
Operates using AC power Far infrared warming pad provided Optional Modules for end-tidal CO₂, pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring
Starting at $495 Starting at $859 Starting at $1,098




Resistance: 2,252 ohms
Tolerance: +/-0.2°C
Accuracy: 25°C to 45°C 
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
Sensor Diameter: Ball Tip Diameter: 1.65 mm max
Shaft: 1.5 mm
Time Constant: 10.0 seconds
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