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Sliding Top Chambers For the SomnoSuite® and SomnoFlo® Anesthesia Systems

chambers, no tubing

The Sliding Top Induction Chambers are for use with passive waste anesthesia gas management systems and feature positive sliding tops that make them leak proof when in use.

Tubing and adapters included. The fresh and waste anesthetic gas inlet and outlet adapters are industry standard 15 mm i.d. x 19 mm o.d., standard 19 mm EVAC tubing will fit with either adapter. Tubing is 32" long.

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0.5L Inner Dimensions: 2.5 in W x 2.375 in H x 4.75 in D
(6.35 cm W x 6.0325 cm H x 12.065 cm D)
1.25L Inner Dimensions:

4.25 in W x 4.25 in H x 4.25 in D
(10.795 cm W x 10.795 cm H x 10.795 cm D)
3L Inner Dimensions:

4.25 in W x 4.5 in H x 9.25 in D
(10.795 cm W x 11.43 cm H x 23.495 cm D)
5.4L Inner Dimensions:

5.5 in W x 5.4375 in H x 11.5 in D
(13.97 cm W x 13.81125 cm H x 29.21 cm D)


  • Sliding top style reduces your exposure to waste anesthetic gases compared to hinge / lift top style induction chambers
  • Sliding top allows for quick and easy access to the animal inside the chamber
  • Constructed of durable, shatter-proof PET-g, vs. the acrylic that most competitor induction chambers are made of

How to Clean:

  • Clean with disinfectant cleaner and deodorizer concentrate formulated with AHP® (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Can be cleaned with alcohol and other harsh disinfectants
  • Can be gas sterilized with ethylene oxide


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