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SomnoSuite® Low-Flow Anesthesia System

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  • We have a few somnosuites as well as somnoflos, they are great!

  • The Somnosuite was vital for conducting research for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, where two of our NIH funded grant projects required anesthesia and ventilatory assistance. The Somnosuite provided a vital tool for both stereotaxic and cardiovascular surgery.

  • We currently use the somnosuite and love it!

  • I use a SomnoSuite/RightTemp system purchased from Kent in May of this year – it’s been awesome! Before that, I was renting a Traditional Isolflurane Vaporizer system from our institution’s animal facility, and using a very bulky circulating water heating pad, so we’ve been very happy with the new unit.

  • We bought a SomnoSuite from you guys 10 month ago and we are loving it.

  • I purchased 3 Sommosuite tabletop anesthesia setups and we love them!

  • I am using the Kent scientific somnosuite for rat anesthesia. We are interested in recording neural signals from the somatosensory cortex, and the somnosuite allows us to lower the anesthesia level to such extent that we get data with high SNR. The cherry on top is the super low waste of isoflurane that we are using, virtually eliminating the need for a strong exhaust, and we also love the fact that it draws the oxygen from room air and no extra oxygen setup is needed.

  • We work well with the SomnoSuite system, it is very useful for our mouse surgeries.

  • We are using the SomnoSuite system to do anesthesia in rats and mice while monitoring their body temperature and have had a great experience so far.

  • SomnoSuite System works great! We have two and both are fantastic.

  • We purchased 2 of the Kent Scientific SomnoSuite systems about 6 months ago. Works very well!

  • I use the somnosuite for live surgeries in the head/neck of mice. It’s been great!

  • We are using the SomnoSuite now for our anesthesia delivery. The labs really seem to like it and the animals wake up so much quicker.

  • I love the SomnoSuite System. Very versatile.

  • "We really like the degree of control the system gives us, it's very intuitive and easy to use.
    We have replaced all our other anesthesia systems with SomnoSuite."

  • I really love the SomnoSuite system, it is very easy to use, super portable, and much less expensive than the old machine we used. We currently have 6 so we really like the product!

  • Your anesthesia system has been a game-changer for our lab.

  • I love my SomnoSuite system and use it almost daily!
    I enjoy teaching others here at Purdue about its qualities!

  • What I like about the system is the easy-operation and precise control of the drug amount, and saving reagent.

  • We are enjoying our original SomnoSuite so much that we ordered 2 more. We found they are relatively easy to setup and start.

  • What I like SomnoSuite thing that it is a small and light so that it is easy to move anywhere I want.

  • I love the SomnoSuite system, because it is digital, we have absolute control over the delivered anesthetic, it has an intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use touchscreen, it can be enhanced with other functionalities within the same device (e.g. pulse oximetry, CO2 measurements etc.), it can be used with multiple animals at the same time, and many other functions that analog systems do not offer.

    Our lab uses only SomnoSuite, and I propose the system to other colleagues as well.

  • I love it. It works very easily and I have no trouble at all. I find it simple to use and excellent.

    I think most of the other investigators I have spoken with have also switched to this system.

  • I like how the system uses isoflurane very efficiently and has very clear instructions for all the functions/operations. I like how it is able to use room air. I also appreciate the very good customer service, with its dependable and rapid responses.

  • I have found the SomnoSuite system just utterly amazing in the simplicity of use, in addition to the economic benefits, most especially in terms of the amount of Isoflurane that I use.

  • We love the SomnoSuite. We are total converts and have no plans to go back to the standard vaporizer / air tank!

  • The low flow rates are really convenient as we don’t have to deal with exhaust. Interface is simple, precise and takes little effort so we can focus on surgery.

  • We like about the system: The system’s ability to not rely on a tank of oxygen to operate is tremendous.

  • What I like:
    • compact, space saving.
    • can run without gas tank but still have the capability to deliver oxygen or some other gas.
    • has modules to monitor the animal's condition.
    • use a lot less isoflurane compare to the conventional one.
    • no routine calibration needed

  • Overall, we are very pleased with the system. So much so, that when we needed to purchase an additional anesthesia system we ended up buying a second SomnoSuite. We really like the fact that we don’t have to deal with oxygen tanks and the small amount of isoflurane that is needed for procedures.