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SomnoSuite Low-Flow Anesthesia System

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Average 5 stars:
  • We have been using the SomnoSuite systems since establishing the laboratory 4 years ago. They have been reliable, reduced user exposure to isoflurane below detectable levels, and have allowed us the flexibility to move our surgery spaces around as our research program has grown. The units are straightforward to use and I’ve enthusiastically endorsed them to my colleagues.

  • The system is working great and we have had no issues! We now have 3 machines and they are all working great.

  • So far, I'm really enjoying the Somnosuite. It's been really user friendly and reliable. I also like how little space it takes up in my (small!) procedure room.

  • We are liking our system,

  • We have been using the system. It has been very handy to have multiple nosecone setups so two of us can work together to get the work done.

  • I like using the Kent Scientific SomnoSuite anesthesia system because it is portable and has a wide range of control parameters that let me titrate the depth of anesthesia in response to real-time measurements. The support team from Kent is very responsive and has given me hands-on help with troubleshooting the anesthesia system.

  • The SomnoSuite has been working well for us.

  • We are very satisfied with our SomnoSuite unit.

  • We love our new system. It has made our work a lot easier.

  • The system is good.

  • I love the Somnosuite system, it only consume a fraction of isoflurane (1.5ml for 3 hour surgery in my hands) compared with traditional vaporizer. Good for environment and experimenter.

  • The system is working well! I like the improvements from the last model I used. Thank you!

  • I love the SomnoSuite. We had one issue that the company efficiently addressed so I am happy with its support as well.

  • We love our system. Its very easy to use and convenient!

  • The system is wonderful.

  • It is an amazing portable small animal anesthetic system. Easy to use and accurate. Customer service and live training is excellent as well.

  • The system has been working very well for us. It meets all of our needs and easy to use. In fact, our animal facility decided to purchase one like ours I am told.

  • The system is working well and saving us a lot of Isoflurane.

  • The SomnoSuite system is phenomenal. It is easy to use and minimizes the amount of space needed, and is really efficient in the use of isoflurane! It is one of the best investments I’ve made for the lab!

  • I really enjoy using the system. It's very predictable and uses much less isoflurane than our traditional anesthesia machine. Easy to dial in weight and percentage without a huge oxygen bottle to deal with.

  • We have had some challenges optimizing the system for our specific needs, but the support team has been excellent!

  • We love the system. Our surgical space is somewhat limited so having the SomnoSuite is a huge space-saver both in terms of its small footprint and independence from oxygen canisters. The versatility is great, too, in terms of being able to have both induction box and surgical mask hooked up concurrently. We also appreciate the efficiency of the system in terms of isoflurane consumption and are utilizing the heating pad option.

  • We are all very happy with the performance and ability to move it around. At my current lab we don’t have a need for an anesthesia machine yet, but if we ever do, I will make sure we order the SomnoSuite vs. regular anesthesia vaporizer.

  • We purchased our somnosuite last year and we have been extremely happy with it. We really appreciate administrating lower amount of anesthesia - safer for mice and experimenters!

  • We like the system quite a bit. We’re looking forward to not having to constantly replace our oxygen tanks, as well as using much less isoflurane per animal.

  • The system works very well for our purposes, it has enabled me to keep my animals alive much longer than when attempting the same procedure with injectable anesthetics.

  • I have been using the SomnoSuite for almost a year now, and aside from the motor breaking (which customer service took care of very effectively and efficiently), it has been a great tool for us in the lab. I would (and do) highly recommend it to any other lab doing rodent surgeries.

  • We really like the SomnoSuite. It has reduced use of anesthetic and eliminated the need for cumbersome oxygen tanks. The system is compact portable and very effective

  • Working well so far!

  • We like the SomnoSuite very much.