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CODA® Animal Holders

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Clear animal holders with black nose cones are ideal for animal research because they allow the researcher to constantly observe the animal’s behavior. A trained rat or mouse can comfortably and quietly remain in our holder for several hours.

Animal nose cone holders for use with the CODA® High Throughput System.

Holder fit may vary amongst strains and individual animals. Weights are an approximation. Contact us for help determining the best fit for your animals.

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Mouse Holders Inside Diameter Holder Length
Small Mouse Holder (HLD-MS) 1.00" 3.50"
Medium Mouse Holder (HLD-MM) 1.25" 4.25"
Large Mouse Holder (HLD-ML) 1.50" 5.25"


Rat Holders Inside Diameter Holder Length
Small Rat Holder (HLD-RS) 2.00" 6.50"
Medium Rat Holder (HLD-RM) 2.25" 7.00"
Large Rat Holder (HLD-RL) 3.00" 7.50"
Extra Large Rat Holder (HLD-RX) 3.50" 8.00"

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed for noninvasive tail blood pressure measurements
  • Allows for unrestricted breathing
  • Clear acrylic provides complete visibility to the researcher


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