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RoVent® Automatic Ventilator Module

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Average 5 stars:
  • We have had some challenges optimizing the system for our specific needs, but the support team has been excellent!

  • Your company not only provided help before we bought the PhysioSuite with RoVent, but continued to be very helpful after the sale. I will recommend your MouseVent to my friends who ask me to help or start a new lab.

  • I have been using the SomnoSuite with Integrated Digital Vaporizer (IDV) in my in-vivo experiments. The precise control of anesthetic allows me to use less than 1cc of isoflurane during my 8-hour recording. The SomnoSuite is highly reliable and fully automatic. Included inside my SomnoSuite are the two additional modules; the MouseVent Automatic Ventilator and the MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter/Heart Rate Monitor, which fits easily into my small lab space. I highly recommend this product.