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Flat Bottom Rodent Holders

Flat Bottom Rodent Holders
Flat Bottom Rodent Holders rstr541 rstr542 rstr543 rstr544

Our low-cost, high-quality economy line of rodent holders is very useful for procedures requiring access to the tail, such as when performing simple injections and blood sampling.

To use, remove the tailgate and position the restrainer so the open end makes a 45° angle with the tabletop. Secure the rodent by the base of the tail and gently guide into the restrainer, forelimbs first. Apply gentle pressure to prevent the rodent from backing out of the restrainer. Once positioned, replace the tailgate into the groove to hold the animal in place.

If you are looking for CODA Holders, ideal for noninvasive blood pressure measurement and enhanced access to the tail, click here.

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Item ID Inside Height Holder Length
RSTR541 0.900" 3.000"
RSTR542 1.375" 4.125"
RSTR543 1.625" 4.625"
RSTR544 1.875" 6.875"


  • Adjustable tail piece provides flexibility while holding rodents securely
  • Openings in the top and bottom allow easy access and waste disposal
  • Front hopper is ideal for feeding, watering, and anesthesia

How to Clean

Clean-up is simple with a solution of 30% isopropyl alcohol and 70% water.


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