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CODA® Monitor Animal Holders

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Clear animal holders with black nose cones are ideal for animal research because they allow the researcher to constantly observe the animal’s behavior. A trained rat or mouse can comfortably and quietly remain in our holder for several hours.

A stand is included with each animal holder.

For use with CODA® Monitor

Holder fit may vary amongst strains and individual animals. Weights are an approximation. Contact us for help determining the best fit for your animals.

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Mouse Holders Inside Diameter Holder Length
Small Mouse Holder (HLD-MS-T) 1.00" 3.50"
Medium Mouse Holder (HLD-MM-T) 1.25" 4.25"
Large Mouse Holder (HLD-ML-T) 1.50" 5.25"


Rat Holders Inside Diameter Holder Length
Small Rat Holder (HLD-RS-T) 2.00" 6.50"
Medium Rat Holder (HLD-RM-T) 2.25" 7.00"
Large Rat Holder (HLD-RL-T) 3.00" 7.50"
Extra Large Rat Holder (HLD-RX-T) 3.50" 8.00"


  • The adjustable front nose cone greatly limits turning and movement, decreasing injury to both the animal and researcher
  • The animal’s nose protrudes through the front of the nose cone, allowing for comfortable breathing
  • Animals are attracted into the dark cone and have less stress in a dark, confined space, with reduction in head and front paw movement

Directions for Use

The proper size animal holder is essential for proper restraint. The animal’s tail should be fully extended and exit through the rear hatch opening of the holder. If the holder is too small for the animal, the limited lateral space will not allow the animal to breathe in a relaxed fashion.


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