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Warming Systems

There are several different techniques to warm laboratory mice. Kent Scientific provides many mice warming pads and products that warm the animals using two of the most common methods, circulating water warming pads and infrared heating blankets.

Circulating water devices offer excellent thermostatic control. Water is warmed by a control unit and then pumped through the small animal warming pad, where the heat is transferred to the mouse.

When using infrared mouse warming pads, far infrared light is absorbed by cells deep within the body of the animal which safely raise the core body temperature. Far Infrared (FIR) allows for safe rodent warming for a longer period of time without unknowingly overheating the animal. FIR warming increases body metabolism thereby discharging anesthetics and toxins, which aid in faster recovery from surgery.

Kent Scientific uses FIRst™ (Far Infrared Stasis Technology) in our small animal heating pads. The animal’s body can now be warmed over an extended period of time without having to constantly increase the temperature.

Shop our rodent heating pads and other warming system products below.

Far Infrared Warming Pad

A new way to warm your animal before, during and after surgery!

New T/Pump Warm Water Recirculator

New T/Pump

  • Mercury Free
  • Uses Tap Water
  • Warming Pads & Blankets

    A wide selection of reusable and disposable pads & blankets

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