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CapnoScan® End-Tidal CO2 Monitor Module

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  • I love the SomnoSuite system, because it is digital, we have absolute control over the delivered anesthetic, it has an intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use touchscreen, it can be enhanced with other functionalities within the same device (e.g. pulse oximetry, CO2 measurements etc.), it can be used with multiple animals at the same time, and many other functions that analog systems do not offer.

    Our lab uses only SomnoSuite, and I propose the system to other colleagues as well.

  • We have had some challenges optimizing the system for our specific needs, but the support team has been excellent!

  • We have since upgraded one of our units to include EXCO2 and the mouse vent and are planning on using it on our next study to further our success rate by reducing some more dead space and knowing what the EXCO2 is during the recovery phase.

  • I just wanted to touch base and follow up on the PhysioSuite Capnograph and the temperature probe. It has really worked out for us and the temp probe was a great addition. Both have been able to import directly into Powerlab which is a great feature!