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SomnoFlo® Low-Flow Electronic Vaporizer

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  • We actually did order a SomnoFlo and we like it a lot. We just ordered a second one.

  • We ended up purchasing the Somnoflo and it works amazing. We also have received great customer service whenever we have needed help/ and or have had questions about the product.

  • The SomnoFlo has a significantly smaller footprint than the standard isoflurane cart; our procedure room feels like it’s doubled in size since replacing the cart that was in the middle of the it with the SomnoFlo on the counter. I used to trip over the legs of the isoflurane cart almost daily, and I’m delighted to have it out of the room. Being able to use room air instead of oxygen is a huge bonus - no more monitoring how much oxygen we have left in the tank or stressing over whether the tank will be replaced on time before our next surgery.
    The SomnoFlo has made our lives much easier.

  • Wanted to check in since receiving the SomnoFlo that we ordered a few months ago. The system works amazing! All our lab members have had a chance to use the system and we are highly impressed with the efficiency of the machine and how quickly we are seeing the mice wake up from anesthesia after finishing our procedures with them.

  • We actually purchased one of the SomnoFlo units a few months ago and have been using it with our rodent procedures. It has worked great and all of our users seem to love the system.

  • I recently purchased a SomnoFlo and our folks love it!

  • We are very pleased with our new SomnoFlo. We often need to work in a small space so the size of a conventional vaporizer can be annoying. The SomnoFlo fits where we need it and is simple to setup and use. We’ve recommended it to other labs in similar situations to ours.

  • -The system sits upright so takes less counter space
    -the system primes itself, empties itself and uses a bottle of isoflurane rather than the syringe – love this!