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SomnoSuite® Starter Kit for Mice

Kit Includes:

  • (2) 5-mL glass syringes
  • Low-profile anesthesia mask set, small, with 18" inspiration/expiration tubing and connectors
  • 1.25L sliding top induction chamber, 5 in W x 5 in H x 5 in D (12.7 cm W x 12.7 cm H x 12.7 cm D) with 32" inlet/outlet tubing and connectors
  • 2-pack of waste anesthesia gas canisters
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Average 5 stars:
  • So far, the machine has exceeded our expectations. It is incredibly convenient to have a machine that can use ambient air during anesthesia and minimizes the effort required for its use. The starter suite is incredibly helpful for a lab like ours -- we have recently moved into a new space and needed to be self-sufficient quite quickly. I can anticipate heavy use of this machine once we begin our new animal studies.

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