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Mouse Retractor Set For the SurgiSuite Surgical Platform

surgi-5001 Magnetic Fixators

Retractor wires and tips provide maximum control with minimum clutter.

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Set Includes

  • 2 magnetic fixators, 3 cm tall with 2 locking jaws
  • 1 elastomer positioner, 1 meter
  • 10 wire retractors, 10 cm
  • 10 retractor tips, as follows:
    • 2 sharp tips, 1 mm
    • 2 blunt tips, 1 mm
    • 2 blunt tips, 2.5 mm
    • 2 blunt tips, 5 mm
    • 2 blunt tips, 7.5 mm

Directions for Use

  • Retractor wires engage and lock into the fixator jaws at the desired elevation, allowing both linear and rotational adjustment over the entire length of the wire.
    • One end of the wire is formed in a loop to provide grip for a gloved hand, and the other end is formed into a right angle hook that can retract on its own or lock to a range of retractor tips.
    • The wires can also be reformed to create restraints or engage other lab apparatus that need to be secured in the surgical field.
  • Retractor tips can be locked onto a wire for static retraction, or affixed to an elastic wire to form a dynamic retractor.


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