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Microvette® CB 300 Blood Collection System

Microvette® CB 300 Blood Collection System

The capillary tube with push cap is supplied complete with a carrier tube that is also suited for transport and centrifugation. Before centrifugation, the capillary tube is sealed with the cap attached to the push cap. For efficient working in the laboratory, the capillary tube accommodated in its carrier tube can be placed directly into the analyzer.

Microvette is a registered trademark of Sarstedt.

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  • Trumpet-shaped capillary tube ensures optimum serum/plasma recovery after centrifugation
  • Two-in-one sample container and centrifuge tube
  • Compatible with different analyzers as a primary tube for direct sampling
  • Holds 300 ul (0.3 ml)
  • Due to the inherent design, capillary tubes are not sterilized


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