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Microvette® 100 Capillary Blood Collection with Round Bottom Inner Tube, EDTA

The Microvette® 100 system is designed to offer practical solutions for individual requirements. The round bottom inner tube ensures optimum mixing results. The preassembled end-to-end capillary ensures a controlled collection to the capillary technique. This system allows you to use either the special rim or the gravity-flow principle without difficulty.

Microvette is a registered trademark of Sarstedt.

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  • Assembled capillary for blood collection according to the end-to-end principle
  • Twist cap design is easy to open and minimizes aerosol effect
  • Optimized tube geometry ensures thorough sample mixing
  • Color-coded caps and print for easy identification
  • Entire tube fits into most micro centrifuges
  • Includes 2 caps – one with a capillary straw for blood collection (which is removed prior to centrifugation), and a second standard cap to be used after blood collection
  • Due to the inherent design, capillary tubes are not sterilized


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