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Laser Etched Ear Tags, Two-Sided

2 sided laser etched tag
2 sided laser etched tag 2 sided laser etched tag and applicator

Mouse and rat ear tags are used in research and lab animals, such as mice, rats, and other small animals. The ear tags are silver in color and made of a monel, nickel-copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, strength and ductility.

Laser etched ear tag characters provide greater visibility. Condensed number typeface allows for up to four numbers on each side of the ear tag.

Custom Orders

A minimum order of 1,000 ear tags is required for special numbering. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Please contact Customer Service at 888-572-8887 for a quotation. Ear tag sequence always begins at 1, examples include 301 to 400, 401 to 500. If you require ear tag numbering that begins at "0" please specify on your order. Note that it may take additional time for processing.

There is a set-up charge of $20 for alpha characters. If you have multiple alpha characters, there is an additional $5 charge for each additional or change in alpha characters. If you have any questions, please call to obtain a specific quote for your order.

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Material: Monel (nickel-copper alloy)
Dimensions (closed): Inside: 2.38 mm H x 7.14 mm L
Outside: 2.36 mm W x 3.18 mm H x 9.52 mm L
Applications: Mice, rats, and other small animals

Directions for Use

All of our animal identification ear tags are applied with a hand-held ear tag applicator. The stainless steel ear tag applicator is designed to seal the ear tags with minimal pressure, while providing a good, secure seal. The animal ear tag applicator can be used with or without the spring. The spring applies slight closing pressure to help hold the tag in the applicator prior to sealing.

Ear tags should be washed in alcohol or disinfectant to help prevent infection to the ear. Place the mouse or rat ear tag in the ear tag applicator, keeping the “hole” side with the identification number flat against the jaw of the ear tag applicator. Locate the tag on the ear, applying behind a ring of cartilage. After crimping, be sure the tag point has come through the hole and is bent over, securing the ear tag properly.

Laser Etched Ear Tags, Two-Sided

Applicator Hints

Place the tag in the applicator keeping the “hole” side of the tag flat against the jaw of the applicator with the indentation. Locate the tag within the ear, applying beyond a ring of cartilage. After sealing, be sure to check that the tag point has come through the hole and bent around, sealing properly.


  • Small size for unobstructed movement and less stress
  • Self-piercing and self-locking for quick application
  • Corrosive resistant to maintain ID (identification) in extreme conditions


Black lettering is etched directly on the ear tag. Random sequences of a hundred consecutive tags are available for immediate shipment.

Custom Orders

See above for custom number ordering.


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