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Instrument Micro Bead Sterilizer

This compact Micro Bead Sterilizer provides an easy way to sterilize your surgical instruments efficiently and effectively. The unit’s chamber is loaded with the included glass beads that are heated up to 300°C, eliminating bacteria, spores and other microorganisms.

Simply insert your instrument into the beads, wait 15 seconds, and the portion of the instrument in the beads is sterilized.

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Warm Up Time: 20 minutes
Working Temperature: 233°C
Sterilization Time: 15 seconds
Well Size: 51 mm OD x 102 mm D
Dimensions: 13.3 cm W x 17.2 cm H x 13.3 cm D
Weight: 2 kg


  • Adjust temperature with control knob and view on large LED panel
  • Uses no gas, flame or chemicals; safe for use in hoods
  • CE marked


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