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Kent's Certified Calibration-Free SomnoSuite Reduces Maintenance Costs

Posted on by Eugene Marino, Marketing Manager

When you’re doing research, every minute counts. Having to remove your equipment from the lab to have it serviced and calibrated means losing valuable time, plus incurring charges for certification procedures.

To solve that problem, Kent Scientific’s SomnoSuite Low-Flow Anesthesia System is Certified Maintenance-Free!  Unlike traditional vaporizers, our systems have been designed so that they’ll never need time-consuming, potentially costly calibration. This means you’ll never have to remove your system from service and experience the downtime and cost that an annual certification would require.

Traditional High-Flow Vaporizers vs. SomnoSuite Low-Flow Anesthesia System

Traditional vaporizers that are used for animal anesthesia require periodic calibration. Once or twice each year, they must be taken out of service and either shipped or inspected in-house by certified technicians. Before certification can be made, seals and gauges must be tested and calibrated. These and other parts can require repair or replacement and the obvious costs associated with them.

Unlike a traditional vaporizer, the SomnoSuite Low-Flow Anesthesia System is designed using an internal digital vaporizer. More robust, with no replaceable components, this vaporizer only uses small amounts of anesthetic resulting in more precise anesthetic delivery, the production of less waste anesthesia gas and less strain for the system.

The Advantages of SomnoSuite

With typical calibration service costs at around $400 per year, never needing to calibrate your systems can represent a significant savings. Added to the savings in isoflurane use and waste gas disposal, it makes the SomnoSuite Low-Flow Anesthesia Systems an incredibly economical tool to work with. Having consistent results on a regular basis is a benefit not only measured in dollars, but in the quality and integrity of your research.

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