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Disposable Warming Pads

Our vinyl/foam non-sterile pads are ideal for when you need to provide moist heat. All of our pads easily connect to the TP-700 recirculating pump as well as the HTP-1500. Pads come with removable straps.

Please specify in your order if you require the pads to connect to a specific type of pump.

Note: This product is available in North America only.

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How Long Does the Battery Charge Last?

Setting Time (from fully charged battery) Approximate Temperature
1 420 minutes 20°C (68°F)
2 360 minutes 25°C (68°F)
3 300 minutes 30°C (68°F)
4 240 minutes 35°C (68°F)
5 180 minutes 40°C (68°F)


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