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Chamber Nebulizer Delivery System

NEB-0530XS Chamber Sizes

The Animal Chamber Nebulizer Delivery System allows you to easily administer aerosol to one or more conscious animals. The included animal chamber allows animals to move freely while providing consistent aerosol exposure.

The Animal Chamber Nebulizer Delivery System requires the use of a flow regulated air source such as a pump or compressed gas source (not included) to move the aerosol through the tubing towards chamber. To easily control air flow through the nebulizer delivery system, please see our Standalone Flowmeter with Stand.

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Systems Include:

  • Aeroneb® Lab Control Module
  • Universal A/C adapter
  • Small VMD
  • Nebulizer Adapter
  • Sliding top chamber
  • Tubing and connections

Chamber Sizes:

  • XXS - 0.5L
  • XS - 1.0L
  • SM - 3.0L
  • LG - 5.4L


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