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Mouse Handling Tunnels

mouse handling tunnels

Refine your rodent handling techniques! Mouse handling tunnels are a safe and humane way to pick up mice without causing added stress or anxiety. Easy to use and clean, these lightweight tunnels can be used for transport or double as cage enrichment.  They are both autoclavable and cagewasher-safe.

Do you have a CODA® Non-Invasive Blood Pressure SystemMake movement from cage to CODA® Holders less stressful!

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About Mouse Handling Tunnels

  • Certified (Contaminant Screened)
  • Made of high temp polycarbonate
  • Offers rodents shelter and security
  • Transparency makes routine cage checks easy and fast
  • Helps reduce boredom and aggressive behavior
  • Autoclavable
  • Cagewasher safe

Mouse Handling Tunnel Dimensions

Length 3.875"
Inner Diameter 2"
Wall Thickness .125"


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