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MouseSTAT® Pulse Oximeter and Rat & Mouse Heart Rate Monitor Module

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  • The Mouse Stat Jr and PhysioSuite are both working seamlessly.

  • I love my SomnoSuite system and use it almost daily!
    I enjoy teaching others here at Purdue about its qualities!

  • What I like SomnoSuite thing that it is a small and light so that it is easy to move anywhere I want.

  • I love the SomnoSuite system, because it is digital, we have absolute control over the delivered anesthetic, it has an intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use touchscreen, it can be enhanced with other functionalities within the same device (e.g. pulse oximetry, CO2 measurements etc.), it can be used with multiple animals at the same time, and many other functions that analog systems do not offer.

    Our lab uses only SomnoSuite, and I propose the system to other colleagues as well.

  • What I like:
    • compact, space saving.
    • can run without gas tank but still have the capability to deliver oxygen or some other gas.
    • has modules to monitor the animal's condition.
    • use a lot less isoflurane compare to the conventional one.
    • no routine calibration needed

  • I think I have purchased 5 different setups in the past few years. Including one PhysioSuite and 4 SomnoSuites. System is great! Saves on iso and on gas! A smaller footprint and successful surgeries, win!

  • We love the MouseSTAT. It has improved our surgical performance immensely because of its reliability. We have recommended the MouseSTAT to others as well.

  • The PhysioSuite has a small footprint; both the surgeon and the monitoring tech can easily read the values and the surgeons and techs like the fact that we can closely monitor the SPO2 when performing our more invasive and involved surgeries, especially when recovering them.

  • The MouseSTAT pulse oximeter works very well, you literally place the sensor on the paw and it reads better than any rodent monitoring systems that I have looked into.

  • LOVE the new clip sensors!!!

  • We have since purchased the clip type sensor which we absolutely love. It is not the traditional clip type sensor with a spring that can cut off the circulation to the toes, you actually control any pressure exerted on the toes.

  • Being able to know the SPO2 value of the animal during the procedure as well as during recovery were key to helping us succeed.

  • The Pulse ox/Heart Rate monitor works great, it is not dependent on the temperature of the animal to read. We ran into this issue with the other mouse pulse-ox system, where the temperature of the animal had to be above 39°C in order for it to give a reading and required a computer for each unit.

  • I have been using the SomnoSuite with Integrated Digital Vaporizer (IDV) in my in-vivo experiments. The precise control of anesthetic allows me to use less than 1cc of isoflurane during my 8-hour recording. The SomnoSuite is highly reliable and fully automatic. Included inside my SomnoSuite are the two additional modules; the MouseVent Automatic Ventilator and the MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter/Heart Rate Monitor, which fits easily into my small lab space. I highly recommend this product.