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MouseSTAT® Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor Module


“The Pulse ox/Heart Rate monitor works great, it is not dependent on the temperature of the animal to read. We ran into this issue with the other mouse pulse-ox system, where the temperature of the animal had to be above 39°C in order for it to give a reading and required a computer for each unit.”

“The MouseStat pulse oximeter works very well, you literally place the sensor on the paw and it reads better than any rodent monitoring systems that I have looked into.”

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The MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor was specifically designed for use on mice; however, with the proper sensor, it can be used on any size animal. Since the paws of small rodents are typically nude, no shaving or hair removal is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Clinically validated
  • Stand-alone system
  • Measures heart rate, SpO2, respiratory rate (with addtion of Optional Respiratory Rate Parameter)*
    • Ideal for dark-skinned mice, such as C57BL6
    • Mouse and Rat Pup sensors
    • MRI compatible
    • For mice, rats, and larger animals
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty (2-Years Additional Warranty Available) 

Click here to read a recently released white paper about pulse oximetry in laboratory animals

Product Specifications

Heart Rate Up to 900 bpm
Resolution 1%
SpO2 Range 70 to 100%
Alarms 5, Programmable
Data Export Yes
SpO2 Sensors

Mouse: Soft Touch Paw Sensor
Rat: Soft Touch Paw Sensor
Large Animal: Spring-loaded Y-Clip Sensor


Pulse Oximeter Sensors


The MouseSTAT Paw Sensor for mice and rats (SPO2-MSE & SPO2-RAT) were specifically designed for small laboratory animals. It uses a miniature LED and light sensor to transmit and receive the red and infrared light that are proportional to the size and translucence of the small laboratory paw.

A mouse sensor is included with every MouseSTAT module.

The larger MouseSTAT Sensor for larger animals (SPO2-LG) is ideal for penetrating thicker tissue, such as that on a rat or larger animal. It can be used on any animal and on any appendage with sufficient vascularization and irrigation. This can be a mouse paw, but more commonly is a rat paw, rabbit ear or small animal tongue.

We offer a selection of MRI compatible sensors to choose from.


Other small laboratory animal pulse oximeters use human-size sensors mechanically adapted for small animals. These adapted human-sized sensors have large LEDs and light sensors that were designed to work on a human index finger or other like appendages. The large LEDs flood a boney appendage such as a finger with a tremendous amount of light, which is mostly absorbed or blocked by the bones and connective tissue. Since only a small amount of light passes through a finger, a large sensor is required to attempt to collect as much of the minute amount of transmitted light as possible.

When the human-sized sensors are attempted to be used on a translucent small laboratory animal paw, there is too much light delivered, which overflows the large light sensor. Therefore, the adapted human pulse oximeter sensors from other manufacturers need to use thick sections of the small laboratory animal body that approximate a human finger, such as the neck or thigh. Placing the sensor in these locations typically requires the extra effort of shaving the area. The higher force spring in the sensor clips may cause ischemia in the sensing area from the continuous squeezing pressure.

Other pulse oximetry systems also require a dedicated external PC to operate, which take up valuable lab bench and surgical area space.

Each system includes a 10-pack of disposable sleeve protectors for the far infrared warming pad. Additional sleeve protectors are available in 50-packs under reorder code DCT-1520P.

*Respiratory rate accuracy may be influenced be your study protocol. Please feel free to contact one of our product specialists to discuss your specific application.

PhysioSuite® Modular System

One unit for all of your monitoring needs!

The PhysioSuite Monitor is a modular system that allows you to select the modules you need now, with the option to add more modules later. You can include up to four modules in one unit. This significantly increases the amount of work space in the surgical area due to its compact size.  The capacity of adding modules makes the PhysioSuite® even more space efficient. The built-in screen provides you with critical information that is easily visible and customizable.

Module Upgrades

Modules can be added to a single unit at any time for an additional price:

*All PhysioSuite systems that include the MouseSTAT module also include one FREE mouse pulse oximeter sensor.
*All PhysioSuite systems include a FREE RightTemp module in addition to: 
1 Warming Pad, 8" x 10"
2 Temperature Sensors

IACUC Guidelines

Are you monitoring your animals?

Make sure your research protocol takes into consideration the updates to an internationally accepted primary reference on animal care and use.

NEWS ALERT:NIH Animal Care and Use Guidelines update issued! 
Page 122, paragraph 5, NIH Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 8th Edition
"For anesthesia delivery, precision vaporizers and monitoring equipment (e.g., pulse oximeter for determining arterial blood oxygen saturation levels) increase the safety and choices of anesthetic agents for use in rodents and other small species."

Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research

NIH held a workshop in June 2014 on the issue of reproducibility and rigor of research findings. The workshop focused on the common opportunities in the scientific publishing arena to enhance rigor and further support research that is reproducible, robust, and transparent.

Physiological monitoring and precision anesthetic delivery help control variables in order to achieve greater reproducibility.

Click here to read more about the NIH Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research.

View instructions for uploading your data to a computer »

Ordering Information: Prices effective worldwide where no exclusive representation

We are always are happy to work with you. Whether you require sole source specifications, separate quotes, or have a maximum dollar limit, we will work with you.

Product # Description #/Box Price Qty.  
View PS-03 PhysioSuite with
MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter
and Heart Rate Monitor
FREE RightTemp module included, a $1,975 value! (Includes mouse sensor)
1 $4,975
View PS-04-Module Module Upgrade
RoVent Automatic Ventilator, volume and pressure controlled
1 $4,975
View PS-05-Module Module Upgrade
CapnoScan End-Tidal CO2 Monitor
View PS-03-10 Optional Respiratory Rate Parameter 1 $995
View SPO2-MSE Mouse Paw Pulse Oximeter Sensor 1 $275
View SPO2-RAT Rat Paw Pulse Oximeter Sensor 1 $275
View SPO2-LG Large animal sensor- ideal for placement on tongue, Achilles tendon, ear, toe webbing or thigh 1 $275
View SPO2-5mm MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter Paw sensor for rat pup 1 $275
View SPO2-9mm MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter Whole Body sensor for mouse pup
(recommended for use with mouse pups < 3 days)
1 $275
View SPO2-13mm MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter Whole Body sensor for mouse pup
(recommended for use with mouse pups > 3 days)
1 $275
View SPO2-MSE-MRI MRI Sensor
Mouse Paw Pulse Oximeter Sensor, MRI Compatible (3-meter cable)
1 $475
View SPO2-RAT-MRI Rat Pulse Oximeter Sensor, MRI Compatible (3-meter cable) 1 $475
View SPO2-5mm-MRI MRI Sensor, Rat Pup
MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter Paw sensor for rat pup, MRI Compatible (3-meter cable)
1 $475
View SPO2-9mm-MRI MRI Sensor, Mouse Pup
MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter Whole Body sensor for mouse pup, MRI Compatible (3-meter cable) (recommended for use with mouse pups < 3 days)
1 $475
View SPO2-13mm-MRI MRI Sensor, Mouse Pup
MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter Whole Body sensor for mouse pup, MRI Compatible (3-meter cable) (recommended for use with mouse pups > 3 days)
1 $475
View EXT-PWRBANK External powerbank, allows for up to 6 hours of operation, depending on which modules are in-use.
See specifications for additional information
1 $282
View DCT-1520P 50-Pack - Disposable, non-sterile sleeve protector for far-infrared warming pad
Fits DCT-15 (6"x8") and DCT-20 (8"x10")
1 $22

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