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RoVent® Automatic Ventilator Module


“Your company not only provided help before we bought the PhysioSuite® with RoVent, but continued to be very helpful after the sale. I will recommend your RoVent to my friends who ask me to help or start a new lab."

“The technical support has been exemplary.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend this unit, we have been very pleased with the performance.”

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The RoVent Automatic Ventilator for mice and rats allows you to enter the animal's weight as it automatically sets the respiratory rate and tidal volume.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully automatic: Enter animal's weight and press RUN - respiratory rate and TV preset
  • Neonatal mice to 1,250g rats
  • Control ventilation by pressure or volume
    • Built-in display - no need for a separate computer
    • Auto sigh
    • Auto PEEP
    • Auto assist mode
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty (Extended 3-Year Warranty available) 

 Product Specifications

Control Modes Volume Controlled, Pressure Controlled
I:E Ratio 1:1 to 1:5
PEEP Built-in
Respiratory Assist Automatic or Manual
Sigh Pressure 2 to 30 cmH20
Sigh Breath Automatic or Manual
Respiratory Rate Range 20 to 350 bpm
Max Inspiratory Flow 1.5 SLPM
Weight Range 3g to 1,250g


The built-in display provides information about the current ventilator settings as well as physiological parameters of the animal. You have the ability to customize the display; many of the parameters can easily be displayed as numeric numbers or on a real-time graph.  The real-time display screen has the capability to show numeric readings, waveforms, or both simultaneously. View historical data with the touch of a button.

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PhysioSuite Modular System

One unit for all of your ventilation and monitoring needs!

The PhysioSuite Monitor is a modular system that allows you to select the modules you need now, with the option to add more modules later. You can include up to four modules in one unit. This significantly decreases the amount of space in the surgical area. The capacity of adding modules makes the PhysioSuite even more space efficient. The built-in screen provides you with critical information that is easily visible and customizable.

Each system includes a 10-pack of disposable sleeve protectors for the far infrared warming pad, which is included with the RightTemp module. Additional sleeve protectors are available in 50-packs under reorder code DCT-1520P.


Module Upgrades

Modules can be added to a single unit at any time:

*All PhysioSuite systems that include the MouseSTAT module also include one FREE mouse pulse oximeter sensor.
*All PhysioSuite systems include a FREE RightTemp module in addition to: 
1 Warming Pad, 8" x 10"
2 Temperature Sensors

IACUC Guidelines

Are you monitoring your animals?

Make sure your research complies with an internationally accepted primary reference on animal care and use.
NEWS ALERT: NRC Animal Care and Use Guidelines update issued! 
Page 122, paragraph 5, National Research Council Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 8th Edition
"For anesthesia delivery, precision vaporizers and monitoring equipment (e.g., pulse oximeter for determining arterial blood oxygen saturation levels) increase the safety and choices of anesthetic agents for use in rodents and other small species."

Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research

The NRC held a workshop in June 2014 on the issue of reproducibility and rigor of research findings. The workshop focused on the common opportunities in the scientific publishing arena to enhance rigor and further support research that is reproducible, robust, and transparent.

Physiological monitoring and precision anesthetic delivery help control variables in order to achieve greater reproducibility.

Click here to read more about the NRC Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research.

View instructions for uploading your data to a computer »

Ordering Information: Prices effective worldwide where no exclusive representation

We are always are happy to work with you. Whether you require sole source specifications, separate quotes, or have a maximum dollar limit, we will work with you.

Product # Description #/Box Price Qty.  
View PS-04 PhysioSuite with
RoVent Automatic Ventilator
FREE RightTemp module included, an $1,975 value!
1 $4,975
View PS-03-Module Module Upgrade
MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor (includes mouse sensor)
1 $4,975
View PS-03-10 Optional Respiratory Rate Parameter $995
View PS-05-Module Module Upgrade
CapnoScanEnd-Tidal CO2 Monitor, side stream
View EXT-PWRBANK External powerbank, allows for up to 6 hours of operation, depending on which modules are in-use.
See specifications for additional information
1 $282
View DCT-1520P 50-Pack - Disposable, non-sterile sleeve protector for far-infrared warming pad
Fits DCT-15 (6"x8") and DCT-20 (8"x10")
1 $22
View RoVent-0605 Multiple animal set-up, 2-animals 1 $25
View RoVent-0606 Multiple animal set-up, 4-animals 1 $45

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