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SomnoSuite® Low-Flow Anesthesia System

rodent anesthesia machine

"The SomnoSuite is everything it claims to be and more: it uses a fraction of the isoflurane, and as such, minimizes exposure to investigators, all while maintaining perfectly stable levels of anesthesia in our adult rats. The only thing better than having one SomnoSuite would be having two!"
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Introducing SomnoSuite
Low-Flow Small Animal Anesthesia System

The first, accurate gas delivery system using minimal anesthetic
 and oxygen for mice and rats, starting at $4,975


  • Saves money
    Less than 1mL of isoflurane an hour with typical use

  • Multiple Animal Capability
    Anesthetize multiple animals at once

  • Safer for the animal
    Digital dial control for precise delivery

  • No servicing or calibration needed
    Cost-effective, reliable equipment

  • Use room air or compressed oxygen
    Flow rates from 25 ml to 1 L

  • Built-in display for real-time monitoring
    Safely anesthetize your animals with confidence

  • Easily integrate into your stereotaxic set-up
    Use your own anesthesia mask or use one of ours

Add-On Module Options*:

  • All-in-one add-on modules significantly decrease equipment
  • Multi-parameter display shows vital signs
  • Start with what you need now and expand later!

 *Modules sold separately.

MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor
Designed specifically for mice & rats--works on larger animals too!
Specialty sensor provides accurate results with no localized ischemia

RoVent Automatic Ventilator
Fully automatic: Enter animal's weight, press RUN
Neonatal mice to 1250g rats
Control ventilation by pressure or volume

RightTemp Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control
Deep penetrating, far infrared heating
Pre-progammable with automatic feedback control

CapnoScan End-Tidal CO2 Monitor
Highly sensitive infrared spectroscopy CO2 sensor
Low sampling rates


View a typical set-up using the SomnoSuite with the integrated RoVent Automatic Ventilator >

Learn More About Small Animal Anesthesia >

View Our Traditional Small Animal Anesthesia Machine >


Every SomnoSuite includes:

  • Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter
  • Y-adapter to connect two mice or anesthesia masks
  • Scavenging filter
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty (Extended 3-Year Warranty available)
Optional induction chambers and anesthesia masks available for purchase (see our selection below). 
Kent Scientific recommends the smallest syringe size that will accommodate the duration of your application. Using a large syringe size with very low flow rates can cause uneven anesthetic delivery. 
Depending on your animal size and length of procedure, we will recommend proper syringe (2mL, 5mL, 10mL).  Syringes sold separately.
Call for a quote at 1-888-5-RATTUS
If you are using the SomnoSuite with a compressed oxygen gas source, the pressure from the gas source should be regulated to between 5 and 15psi. An optional pressure reducer is available for purchase if your oxygen source cannot be regulated down to between 5 and 15psi. Click here to view our pressure reducer.



Uses Less Anesthetic Gas

The SomnoSuite is specifically designed to be used with mice and rats. It is pre-calibrated for use with both isoflurane and sevoflurane. Typical “human-sized” vaporizers on the market today waste more anesthetic gas than you would actually use in a given procedure. Using the SomnoSuite during a typical 30-minute procedure at a gas concentration of 2.5% isoflurane results in using less than .3 mL of isoflurane! It is capable of anesthetizing up to 2 mice simultaneously. The internal pump allows you to use room air or you may hook it directly to a compressed gas source. If you need to anesthetize more than two mice or multiple rats, click here to check out our traditional multi-animal systems, capable of anesthetizing up to 6 animals.

With the RoVent Automatic Ventilator module, the vaporized anesthetic is delivered directly to the animal along the inspiratory line coming from the ventilator. This close proximity of the vaporized gas to the animal’s lungs allows you to use far less anesthetic than traditional vaporizers, which require hook-up on the back side of the ventilator.

Safer for the Animal and Technician

Dialing in the percent of anesthetic gas delivered to the animal is digitally controlled for exact precision and safety. Because you are using such a small amount of anesthetic and oxygen, there is very little waste gas exposure and less risk to you and your environment. A charcoal canister is included with all systems and easily attaches to the back of the SomnoSuite. A charcoal canister will last about 6-weeks (8 hours use per day). 

Smaller Footprint

The SomnoSuite has a significantly smaller footprint on the lab bench compared to the traditional vaporizer and stand. It is extremely portable, similar in size to a laptop computer. The internal pump and optional battery which allows mobility make it possible to use room air to mix with your anesthetic. The RoVent Automatic Ventilator and MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter are additional modules that can be integrated into the vaporizer unit, further reducing your overall footprint.

IACUC Guidelines

Are you monitoring your animals?

Make sure your research protocol takes into consideration the updates to an internationally accepted primary reference on animal care and use.

NEWS ALERT: NIH Animal Care and Use Guidelines update issued! 

Page 122, paragraph 5, NIH Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 8th Edition
"For anesthesia delivery, precision vaporizers and monitoring equipment (e.g., pulse oximeter for determining arterial blood oxygen saturation levels) increase the safety and choices of anesthetic agents for use in rodents and other small species."

Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research

NIH held a workshop in June 2014 on the issue of reproducibility and rigor of research findings. The workshop focused on the common opportunities in the scientific publishing arena to enhance rigor and further support research that is reproducible, robust, and transparent.

Physiological monitoring and precision anesthetic delivery help control variables in order to achieve greater reproducibility.

Click here to read more about the NIH Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research.


View the latest product brochure

View instructions for uploading your data to a computer

Calculate your anesthesia minimum flow rate

View the SomnoSuite Recommended Flow Rate Chart 


Have questions? Call us at 888-572-8887 or 860-626-1172.


Ordering Information: Prices effective worldwide where no exclusive representation

Product # Description #/Box Price Qty.  
View SS-01 SomnoSuite Low-Flow Anesthesia System
with Free RightTemp Module
1 $4,975
View SS-03-Module Module Upgrade
MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor (includes mouse sensor)
1 $4,975
View SS-03-10
Optional Respiratory Rate Parameter $995
View SS-04-Module Module Upgrade
RoVent Automatic Ventilator, volume and pressure controlled
1 $4,975
View SS-05-Module Module Upgrade
End-Tidal CO2 Monitor
View SOMNO-7305 Preset Pressure Reducer for SomnoSuite, up to 100psi down to 15psi 1 $475
View SOMNO-2ML 2mL Glass Syringe, Pup $275
View SOMNO-2ML-PK 2-Pack, 2mL Syringe, primary and back-up $495
View SOMNO-5ML 5mL Glass Syringe, Mouse $275
View SOMNO-5ML-PK 2-Pack, 5mL Syringe, primary and back-up $495
View SOMNO-10ML 10mL Glass Syringe, Rat 1 $275
View SOMNO-10ML-PK 2-Pack, 10mL Syringe, primary and back-up $495
View EXT-BATTERY External Battery, allows for up to 6 hours of operation, depending on which modules are in-use.
See specifications for additional information
1 $282
View SOMNO-2001-8 Activated Charcoal Absorption Filter for SomnoSuite Anesthesia System 8 $96 $88!
View SOMNO-0602 Y Adapter to direct anesthetic output to 2 animals or two devices (e.g. nose cone and induction chamber) 1 $35
View SOMNO-Fill-Iso SomnoSuite Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter for use with isoflurane $215
View SOMNO-Fill-Sevo SomnoSuite Anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter for use with sevoflurane 1 $215
View CBL-ANAOUT-MINI Analog Output Cable, Mini Din, BNC Cable (Bare Lead optional) 1 $25

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