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RFID Transponder System

•      Smallest transponder on the market for the smallest of animals

•      Lancet can be re-sterilized and reused, reducing your costs

•      Patented technology provides data security

Micro-sized (Length: 11.5mm (0.44 in.) / Diameter: 2.12mm (0.083 in.), implantable, wireless identification trasponder tags are the only way to uniquely identify an animal. Identify any animal in any group with a simple hand-held reader. Transfer the reader data to a database on a computer to track studies with animals. Kent Scientific transponder systems are suitable for weanling (21-24 days) and adult animals.

The transponders are extremely easy to use. The passive RFID transponder system is based on cutting edge research and  development. It provides a number of unique performance features which are protected by nine awarded patents, with additional patents pending. These features optimize achievable read distances while minimizing transponder dimensions, providing exceptional read rates (reading speed) and unmatched system dependability. Sophisticated automatic test methods implemented by the manufacturer ensure that no code is duplicated. RFID transponders can be read irrespective of their orientation to the reader.

ID-100US-25 and ID-100US-50 Implantable Transponders with Lancet

•      Designed specifically for animal identification
•      Individually packaged lancet with micro transponders (25 or 50)
•      Lancet designed to allow real-time visualization verification during insertion
•      Biocompatible glass encapsulation
•      MRI compatible
•      Pre-sterilized and ready for use

LID 573 Pocket Reader

•      Smallest portable reader
•      Up to 1,600 readings can be stored
•      Time and date stamp
•      IRDA compliant interface and available in RS232 or USB connection

GR-250 High Performance Portable Reader

•      Stores up to 3,072 readings with time/date stamp
•      Rugged, ergonomic design
•      Long reading ranges
•      Maximum read area
•      RS-232 port

LID-710 Bluetooth Reader 

•      Small, ergonomic reader
•      Single push button operation
•      Internally rechargeable battery
•      Designed for use with smartphones and tablets
•      Optionally store up to 200,000 ID codes

LID-575 Midrange Reader

•      Store up to 5,370 ID codes
•      Time and date stamp readings
•      mini n-USB interface
•      Custom names feature (pick a name for each ID number and display it on the LCD)
•      2-line, 16-character p. line backlit LCD
•      Circular antenna features expanded read range and detection area
•      Higher clock speed of the processor increases data transfer rate
•      4x AA battery
•      Read range: ID-100-80 mm (3.2 in.); ID-200-100 mm (3.9 in.); ID-30-80 mm (3.2in.); ID-40-175 mm (6.9 in.)


Ordering Information: Prices effective worldwide where no exclusive representation

We are always are happy to work with you. Whether you require sole source specifications, separate quotes, or have a maximum dollar limit, we will work with you.

Product # Description #/Box Price Qty.  
View ID-100US-25 Micro Transponders with Lancet for Direct Implantation, includes pistol grip implanter 25 $225
View ID-100US-50 Micro Transponders with Lancet for Direct Implantation, includes pistol grip implanter 50 $435
View IM-100US Pistol Grip Implanter for use w/ ID-100US-25 and ID-100US-50 1 $40
View LID-573 Pocket Reader with USB connection (includes USB cable) 1 $745
View GR-250 High Performance Portable Reader 1 $1,395
View GR-RS232 RS-232 Cable for GR-250 1 $40
View LID-710 Bluetooth Low Energy Hand Held Reader 1 $175
View LID-BT-700 Protective Boot for LID-710 Bluetooth Low Energy Hand Held Reader 1 $25
View LID-575 Mid-Range Reader, USB 1 $1,395

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