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Respiration in Anesthetized Mice: Evidence-Based Recommendations for Improved Monitoring and Supportive Care

Virtual Webinar

Dr. James Marx of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine will briefly discuss the pharmacology behind the effects of anesthetics on respiration. He will then use evidence-based medicine to give practical recommendations for monitoring and support of respiration. An important part of this will include discussing normal physiologic values for respiratory parameters and highlighting differences between anesthetics and their effects on respiration. The recommendations in this discussion will be based on evidence of treatable or preventable issues. Lastly, he will briefly discuss technologies which are commonly used in our other species and may be applied in mice in the near future.

Key learning objectives:

  • The significant effects of anesthesia on respiration in mice
  • Practical methods of monitoring and providing support to anesthetized mice
  • Discussing equipment that will provide valuable information while addressing the depth of anesthesia in mice

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