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Read what your colleagues are saying about the PhysioSuite® Monitor and SomnoSuite® Anesthesia System!


“We have been very happy with the PhysioSuite unit. Both our veterinary technicians and veterinarians are very pleased with the unit. The unit itself has a small footprint which allows for both the surgeon and monitoring technician to see the graph and digital readout, and does not require a computer for use.” 
- Leading Medical Product Manufacturer | United States

“We have used them on both mice and rats and are very pleased with the results.”
- Medical Device Manufacturer | United States

“We have a group of six Certified Veterinary Technicians, and three rodent surgeons that currently use the unit and all find it very user friendly.”
- Global Pharmaceutical Company | United States

“The Vets like the fact that they can glance at the unit and see the trending on the graph display and at the same time the Tech’s like to see and record the actual values.”
- Medical Device Manufacturer | United States

“The technical support has been exemplary.”
- BioTechnology Company | United States

“Installation is nonexistent, that it is to say you read the manual, hook up the cables to the ports and you are ready to use the unit. We started with one unit and as quick as we could get funding purchased two more.”
- Global Healthcare Company | Illinois, United States

“I would not hesitate to recommend this unit, we have been very pleased with the performance.”
- BioTechnology Company | United States

“I looked into several rodent anesthesia monitors, and the PhysioSuite is the best and was really made for use in rodents.”
- Medical Device Manufacturer | United States
"I received the order in record time! I have always had prompt service with Kent and have no complaints."
 - Senior Pharmacology Lead | Michigan, United States

“The Pulse ox/Heart Rate monitor works great, it is not dependent on the temperature of the animal to read. We ran into this issue with the other mouse pulse-ox system, where the temperature of the animal had to be above 39°C in order for it to give a reading and required a computer for each unit.”
- Global Healthcare Company | Illinois, United States

“Being able to know the SPO2 value of the animal during the procedure as well as during recovery were key to helping us succeed.”
- Medical Device Manufacturer | United States

“We have since purchased the clip type sensor which we absolutely love. It is not the traditional clip type sensor with a spring that can cut off the circulation to the toes, you actually control any pressure exerted on the toes.”
- Internationally-recognized BioScience Company | United States

“LOVE the new clip sensors!!!”
- Leading Medical Product Manufacturer | United States

“The MouseStat pulse oximeter works very well, you literally place the sensor on the paw and it reads better than any rodent monitoring systems that I have looked into.”
- BioTechnology Company | United States

“The PhysioSuite has a small footprint, both the surgeon and the monitoring tech can easily read the values and the surgeons and tech’s like the fact that we can closely monitor the SPO2 when performing our more invasive and involved surgery’s, especially when recovering them.”
- International Inhalation Anesthetic Company | United States

"We love the MouseSTAT. It has improved our surgical performance immensely because of its reliability. We have recommended the MouseSTAT to others as well."
- Norleen Caddy, Veterinary Technologist, RVT, RLAT - Defense Research & Development | Canada

“Your company not only provided help before we bought the PhysioSuite with RoVent, but continued to be very helpful after the sale. I will recommend your MouseVent to my friends who ask me to help or start a new lab."
“…it is excellent for warming mice and rats and out performs the water blankets we were using previously.”
- Medical Device Manufacturer | United States

“The warming pad is excellent, we use ours during surgery.”
- Global Healthcare Company | Illinois, United States

“We have used circulating water blankets in the past, and even heat generating light bulbs and the RightTemp is superior.”
- Leading IV Solution & Pump Manufacturer | United States

“The RightTemp works very well. Really keeps the animals warm and reads the body temperature very easily.”
- BioTechnology Company | United States

"I just wanted to touch base and follow up on the PhysioSuite Capnograph and the temperature probe. It has really worked out for us and the temp probe was a great addition. Both have been able to import directly into Powerlab which are a great feature!"
- Lisa Saccommano, PhD - University of Oregon | Oregon, United States
“We have since upgraded one of our units to include EXCO2 and the mouse vent and are planning on using it on our next study to further our success rate by reducing some more dead space and knowing what the EXCO2 is during the recovery phase.”
- International Inhalation Anesthetic Company | United States

"I love my SomnoSuite! Kent gave me step-by-step guidance. It's all I use for rodent anesthesia now. It is definitely one of the best systems we've purchased that has increased user safety from excessive WAG."
- Amanda Dillard, RVT - Wake Forest UniversitySchool of Medicine | North Carolina, United States
"I liked the products, I have never been disappointed by Kent Scientific instrumentation. Thank you very much for letting us try them out. These would be great to have."

- Stefano Tarantini - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) | Oklahoma, United States

"The SomnoSuite is everything it claims to be and more: it uses a fraction of the isoflurane, and as such, minimizes exposure to investigators, all while maintaining perfectly stable levels of anesthesia in our adult rats. The only thing better than having one SomnoSuite would be having two!"
- Adriana Caballero, PhD - RFUMS/The Chicago Medical School | Illinois, United States
"I can set up the SomnoSuite on my bench without taking up so much space. I LOVE IT! I can carry the system to the mouse room so easily too. I may buy one more... Definitely a lifesaver for our research. We can save on isoflurane and charcoal filters, which is also very nice."
- Takako Jones, Assistant Professor - University of Massachusetts Medical School | Massachusetts, United States
"I have been using the SomnoSuite with Integrated Digital Vaporizer (IDV) in my in-vivo experiments. The precise control of anesthetic allows me to use less than 1cc of isoflurane during my 8-hour recording. The SomnoSuite is highly reliable and fully automatic. Included inside my SomnoSuite are the two additional modules; the MouseVent Automatic Ventilator and the MouseSTAT Pulse Oximeter/Heart Rate Monitor, which fits easily into my small lab space. I highly recommend this product."
- Chao Ma, Assistant Professor - Yale University | Connecticut, United States
"Overall we really like the ventilator (in all of the devices) and the SomnoSuite for the anaesthesia delivery...easy, intuitive, efficient, great stuff! We also really like the heat pads, rectal probes, and pulsox."
- Deputy-named Veterinary Surgeon & Veterinary Anesthetist | United Kingdom

“I don't have any problems with the SomnoSuite. I've used it numerous times in the past few months and it always works flawlessly.”
- Eugene Dimitrov MD, PhD - Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science | Illinois, United States

"Our SomnoSuite is working great! My absolute favorite thing about it is the fact that I cannot smell the isoflurane in the room at all!  So much safer for me and my staff!"

Kristen Zuloaga, PhD - Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience & Experimental Therapeutics


"I found the manuals, software, and equipment very user friendly, and I have not had any problems collecting blood pressure data in mice. As a matter, I've measured BP in the same range as in the invasive method using a catheter. I am very happy with your product."
- Olga V Savinova, PhD - Staff Scientist | United States

Low Profile Anesthesia Masks
"They have worked great for the intended application and we will continue to use and orded these as we need more. Thanks again so much!!"
- University of Minnesota | Minnesota, United States

Used during procedures that involve the eye

Mouse Intubation Kit

"The kit put a nearly impossible, yet important skill within our reach. The fiber optic light makes illumination of the glottis easy while the small endotracheal tubes fit right over the cable. Our entire technical staff was able to successfully perform intubation during a recent staff training."
- Sarah Dehn, RVT - Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis | Indiana, United States
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